Nuit Blanche Will Be Remade With Jamie Foxx!

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Nuit Blanche Will Be Remade With Jamie Foxx!

“Nuit Blanche,” the famous French movie that released in the year 2011 turned to be very famous after five years.

The film will be remade in Hollywood as “Sleepless Nights” with Jamie Foxx, TI, Lloyd Banks, Gabrielle Union, Dermount Mulroney, David Harbour, Young Jeezy and Scoot Mc Nairy in the eminent roles.

The story depicts the life of the Police officer, who has an underground connection with the cocaine dealers. How his bad connection, put his son’s life into trouble is discussed in the movie.

Baran Bo Odar directs this film, and Riverstone Studio produces it along with Vertigo Entertainment.

The movie is supposed to hit the theatres in 2016.