Harvey Cohen famous by his stage name “Herschel Savage” was born on November 25, 1952, is an American porn actor and director. He is often recognized for his work in the T.V show called on “Just Shoot Me “and in the movie on “What Gets Me Hot!” (1984). Savage joined the military at the age of 18. He was part of an elite force. Once during the raid, he took the bullet shot saving the life of his fellow team members and was hospitalized. Due to his bravery, he got the Purple Heart award. Discharged from the Navy, he started looking to work as the actor to follow his dream. His main dream was to become a stage as well as a screen actor, so Savage begin to study acting under the actress Uta Hagen (Broadway movie) and renowned acting teacher known as Stella Adler. Later than due to the number of auditions and competition in the industry, he was disappointed for the respective roles.

During 1976 his girlfriend was a friend of porn organizer R. Bolla, so she arranged the meeting with an agent and Savage started his career. Savage shot his first hard-core loop, and a career was born. To combine a 'Smart Jewish identity' with that of a gentleman Jamie Gillis created "Herschel Savage." During the 1970s and 1980s his hard work and determination paid off, and he became one of the greatest stars of the "Golden Age of Porn." At that time he would only be paid $150 per day only for appearing in the classics known as "Debbie Does Dallas." He has appeared in many films "Rambone Does Hollywood, Expose Me Now, and Bodies in Heat." Herschel became a successful comedian and also appeared many times on the reality show like Family Business. Till now, he has done more than 1725 as a porn actor and directed ten movies.

Savage retired from the scene in 1988 to settle down with his new wife. Due to the multiple marriages, he has only one child from the first wife. But due to some circumstances, their marriage did not go well, and by 1995 he was left and became single once again and was looking for other things to fill his time. Due to his high popularity in the porn industry, Savage got selected for Adult Video News. His friend David Christopher (Pussyman) convinced him that he got the things to go back to porn, so Savage decided to work with the young talents, to once again start the career as a pornstar. Herschel's was happy after returning in the industry. He ensured that he would be getting the roles till he decided to work. Savage performed with about most starlet the scene which had churned out over the past 25 years. Till now, Savage has received five AVN awards, and he is a member of the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame.

Ken Leung English Actor

Ken Leung

He was born on 21st January 1970, in New York City. He is a well-known actor who mostly plays roles which are silent and creepy. His family relocated to Brooklyn where he grew up and later finished his schooling in Old Bridge, New Jersey. His initially acting career mostly revolved around theaters with non-traditional productions such as Mayi, New Perspectives, etc. before moving on to his Broadway debut in “Thoroughly Modern Millie(2002)”. He got his first big screen gig in 1997, as the villainous henchman in Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour. Even though he was not a martial artist, his method acting made everyone think the contrary. He went on to act in three more Ratner movies notably Red Dragon X-Men The Last Stand and The Family Man.He also worked with many other notable filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Edward Norton, etc. According to the Washington Post, it is said that Norton said Leung’s “show-stopping performance...turned a throwaway scene into one of the film's best.” In X-Men The Last Stand he acted as a sadistic human-Porcupine mutants high school psychologist in “The Squid and the Whale” and a bizarre kooky karaoke machine salesman in Edward Norton’s Directoral debut,”Keeping the faith.”He has also worked in TV portraying character roles for Television series such as The Good Wife, Deadline, Law, and Order, etc. He also acted in the last season of “The Sopranos,” from season 4 to 6 in ABC’s drama “Lost” and recently he portrayed the role of Dr.Topher Zia in “The Night Shift” as a season regular from 2014-2016 for 35 episodes. His role in “The Sopranos” helped him become a rising star and get the attention of many prominent producers and directors. In “Lost” Leung’s scenes caught the attention of its executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. They were mesmerized by his acting skills and hence decided to write a part in the island drama only for the actor. But despite his track record of playing creepy and intense characters, Leung says he doesn't necessarily seek out these types of roles. "They're kind of offbeat parts of those stories," he said. Ken Leung has also said mentioned being an Asian–American actor, Leung would come across rude racial remarks during the filmmaking, and at times Ken couldn’t understand the meaning of these fallacious statements. He is a very talented artist who is recognized by many Hollywood directors, etc.


John Mccafferty

John McCafferty is an actor and writer. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA to American parents. He is raised as Slovak Catholic. His father was a fireman with too many jobs to keep his family financially well. He was a workaholic, used to keep himself busy with work and spared very less time with his family. His mother, who was a look-alike of Heddy Lamar with glasses, was a supple woman with great childlike character and energy. She was Slovak fortune teller. Her instinct, premonition, and dreams always seemed explicit. John has three sisters. As a child, John had very few friends and was alone most of the times; his father never had time for his games and his mother was busy telling people their fortunes. He was a curious child, while his other friends spent their time playing sports; he used to spend his time inspecting the unknown facts of publications like Stranger than Fiction, Fate, and Flying Saucers- Serious Business, Chariots of the Gods. He was always thinking about things and questioning his educators, ‘How can that be?’ John was fond of fantasy movies and TV serials as a child and watched Twilight Zone, Star Trek, One Step Beyond, and Outer Limits.  He went to Catholic Grade School for his early studies and to Public High School for his higher studies. In high school, John joined drama club and took lead roles in plays. He also played drums in the R&R band. John attended Kent State University for his graduation; it is where his of lifestyle and mentality took a shift. In his freshman year, he met Vietnam vets and learned through them that Vietnam War was a complete waste of people’s life and resource. In his second year, he interchanged his major subject from theatre to TV & Radio and minor subject to Photo Journalism. After graduation, John did different jobs which included Vampire Shift at WDBN Radio, Cleveland, Ohio, which he described as “the loneliest job in the world’. He also acted in local commercials and performed voice over. Later, he moved to Los Angeles leaving his family and band-mates behind and worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios. He then started acting in National Commercials and co-starring leads on TV through which he got a lead role on the NBC soap opera Texas for which he relocated to New York for three years. He has acted in many movies and TV series but his best-known works are - Texas (1980), Death row Game show (1987) and Sexual Intent (1993). He has other experiences as Spokesman, Ear prompter, Teleprompter, Voiceover, TV Promos, Movie Trailers, Psychic, Palm Reader, Handwriting Analyst.

John Mccafferty English Actor