Age Of Technology Rules Our Lives

Age Of Technology Rules Our Lives Hindi Article

In this age, our day starts with technology and ends on science. The silver screen and the small screen have witnessed many science fictional characters. The robots are under development in the real world. But the reel world has gone to extents of intelligence. Here we list down the magic of science.
1. The child robot: 
The Indian serial Karishma Kaa Karishma is the perfect example where a scientist develops a child robot Karishma. As her name suggests she is capable of doing all the miracles.
2. Wife robot: 
The serial Bahu Humari Rajni Kant is a story about a female robot that is made to solve all the problems of a dysfunctional family of the Kants. Her creator ends up marrying her for field testing purpose.
3. Robot out of the video game
The movie Ra.One tells about two robots that came out of the game, Ra.One and G.One.
4. The Futuristic Robot
The creator of this robot wanted his creation to be of help to the society. But it turns out, he turned evil. In the fit of evil, he caused harm to the world. This robot is known as Chitti.
5. Environment-friendly robot
The cute Wall-E is created to sort out the garbage. The time is when the people of the Earth have gone to a metallic earth and dump their garbage on the real Earth. Wall-E understands the value of nature and helps the humans to understand that as well.
6. The Dog Robot
C.H.O.M.P.S(Canine Home Protection System) is a tiny dog, who has supernatural powers. He is capable of catching criminals with his sonic barking system to breaking walls.
7. The Robot Owl
Bubo, a robot from the Clash of the Titans, is unique as it is featured in a time period where technology is not yet born.
8. Amnesiac robot
B.E.N. is a robot from the movie “Treasure Planet, whose memories were stolen.
9. Assistant robot
The Robot of Robot and Frank is the perfect friend of Frank, and his partner in crime. He is the only one who remains with Frank during his ill health.
10. Fighter robot
The Japanese robotic hero Astro boy is of the advanced stages of human development. Astro was the name of the son of the creator, who died early.