Edward Furlong English Actor

Edward Furlong was born Edward Walter Furlong on the 2nd day of August 1977 in the Glendale district in California in the United States. Furlong is of Mexican descent from his maternal side and also a half-Russian. His mother is Eleanor of Mexican descent who was a worker at a Youth Center. It was Mali Finn, a casting agent that recognised the potential in Furlong to act and choose him to play the Young version of John Connor in the Mega Blockbuster “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” in the year 1991. Before getting a chance to play this role, Edward Furlong had no inclination to be an actor.

This movie broke box office records at that time and also starred biggest Hollywood stars like Linda Hamilton and . It was Furlong talent and his ability that convinced Mali Finn that he is the perfect choice for this role. When Furlong entered the Film Industry, his parents Eleanor and step father Moises Torres were divorced. They had another son i.e. Edward’s half-brother named Robert Torres. During 1990 and 1991, his aunt (mother’s sister) and his Uncle (Mother’s step-brother) had legal custody of him. This was one of the many years that these two retained Edward’s custody before he got himself emancipated when he was only 16. His Aunt and Uncle also worked as his managers. It was his relationship with the then 29-year old Jacqueline Domac that caused the split between him and his aunt and uncle.

Jacqueline Domac worked as his stand-in and tutor for the most part and also his manager. They were engaged and were about to be married when they had a split in 1998. Later in 1999, Domac filed a case against Furlong accusing him of physical abuse and suing him for not paying her for her role as his manager. During 1991, he received an award for Best Young Actor at Saturn Awards and Best Breakthrough Role at MTV Movie Awards. He featured a series of roles in some successful indie and movies. He had the chance to work with stars like Liam Neeson I don't know who you are. I don't know wha >> Read More... Liam Neeson and in 1996 movie “Befor and After”, Christina Ricci Christina Ricci is an American actress. She starte >> Read More... Christina Ricci in 1998 film “Pecker”, Tim Roth Tim Roth is originally known as Simon Timothy. Rot >> Read More... Tim Roth , Vanessa Redgrave and Maximilian Schell in “Little Odyssey”, etc.

In 1998, he also got to share screen space with Edward Norton He is known to be one of the actors that possess p >> Read More... Edward Norton in “American History X”. For Universal Studio Parks, he reprised his character of Young John Connor for their “Terminal 2 3-D: Battle Across Time” movie. In 1991, he tried his hand in singing and released a singles titled “Hold on Tight”, which only saw light in Japan. Before his career declined, his last remembering roles were in 1999 movie “Detroit Rock City” and “Animal Drama”, a crime drama. He also played the lead in a direct to video horror movie “The Crow: Wicked Prayer” in 2005. In his personal life, he was a drug abuser and was swamped with a lot of criminal cases which led to a decline in his career. In the 2000s, most of Furlong’s movie went straight to DVDs.

In 2001, he appeared in a little known Italian film titled “I Cavalierichefecerol'impresa” which means “The Knights of the Quest” in English. It was believed that Furlong might reprise his role of John Connor in the third film of Terminator Franchise, but Nick Stahl was chosen for the role. In 200, he also featured in a Music Video “The Unnamed Feeling” by Metallica. He also starred in a low budget film named “Jimmy & Judy”. It was during the filming of “Jimmy and Judy” that he met Rebecca Bella who he married in 2006 and later got separated in 2009. They finally got divorced in 2014. He was arrested for drug abuse and domestic violence and served 52 weeks of counselling for domestic violence and 90 days of rehab for drug abuse.