Domhnall Gleeson is one of the spectatular actor of Hollywood. He was born in Dublin to the famous actor Brendan Gleeson One of the prime actors of our time. Distinguished >> Read More... Brendan Gleeson and Mary. Being the eldest, he studied in the Dublin Institute of Technology and got a degree in Media Arts. Many people have difficulty to get his first name but Domhnall explains that it is pronounced as tonal but just the 't' is replaced by 'd.'

The struggle of getting everyone to call his name properly has been a struggle for 32 years now. Though Domhnall is a son of a well-known artist he wanted to pursue a career outside the cinema world. He became an actor by accident. When he was 16, he received an award on his father's behalf and gave an oustanding speech that impressed everybody. Then one day his father's agent called him and offered him a role in The Lieutenant of Inishmore which was a play. Gleeson thought to himself that he would be satisfied and will get do a fantastic job if he played this role and that is how he managed to get his debut part.

He did an amazing job according to the Irish director John Crowley Known for his Marvelous works like Brooklyn (2015) >> Read More... John Crowley who had cast Domhnall for his next Broadway play. Later he was nominated for a Tony Award for the Best Actor in a Drama and got convinced later that he had the interest and the talent to do wonders in his acting career. After that Gleeson did not get a stage show for the next three years. In the year 2007, he got a supporting role to play in the famous play Great Expectations Click to look into! >> Read More... Great Expectations by Charles Dickens The world-renowned British writer and social criti >> Read More... Charles Dickens in Dublin at the Gate Theatre.

In his next motion picture Sensation, he described his role as a soulless farmer where his one encounter with a call girl changes his life. In the movie Harry Potter Part six, Domhnall played the role of Bill Weasley in 2010. His father too played an important role. At first Gleeson was not so comfortable to act alongside his father but later he accepted to do it.

Harry Potter was a very important picture in Domhnall's life as it was his real big break but according to him the movie Anna Karenina where he played the role of an earnestly romantic aristocrat Konstantin Levin was a huge blow in his filmography list. He acted in 'Never Let Me Go' in the same year which was a sci-fi film with co-stars Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield.

It was directed by Joe Wright. Then he was seen in 'True Grit' which was honoured with a nomination in the Academy Awards. His next flick was ' About Time Click to look into! >> Read More... About Time ' which was directed by Richard Curtis and was released in 2013 co-starring Rachel McAdams Born as Rachel Anne McAdams on November 17th 1978 >> Read More... Rachel McAdams . After that he did many huge budget movies like Ex Machina Click to look into! >> Read More... Ex Machina , : The Force Awakens where he played General Hux who was the villain and in The Revenant Click to look into! >> Read More... The Revenant where he received plenty of nominations in the Academy Awards in 2015.