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David Christopher "Dave" Sheridan is an American comedian, producer, writer, musician, and actor. He is best known to the audience as the Special Officer Doofy in the 2000 release Scary Movie (2000). He was born on 10 March 1969 in Newark, Delaware, The United States of America. She was an intern at Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live or popularly called as NBC&#39 >> Read More... through which he kick-started his career. It is an American live TV comedy and variety show. Lorne Michaels created, and Dick Ebersol developed it. Then, he joined famed comedy troupe of Chicago named The Second City. It is a comedy enterprise situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

He directed, wrote and produced a multimedia stage show called "Dave Sheridan's America." In 1996, he starred on MTV reality series called Buzzkill in which three friends staged pranks, in a different location, on people. Hidden cameras in the show captured pranks and showed them on television. The show got its name from the slang “Buzzkill” which means an undesired event which depletes the experience of one’s high or buzz. In 2001, he did a film named Ghost World in which he appeared as Doug. The character later featured in Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music videos for "Universally Speaking" and "By the Way."

His band named Van Stone was formed in 2004. He tours with the members for the shows. In the year 2008, he started a series of which he was the host. It is called Smile...You're Under Arrest! And it was telecast on Fox Reality Channel. In 2014, he appeared in the parody of the movie The Walking Dead which is named The Walking Deceased. He played the role of Sheriff Lincoln. In 2015, he played the lead role of Finn in Amigo Undead. In the same year, he did the part of Stubniski in the film named White Space, an SF thriller.

In 2016, he is co-hosting the podcast called "The Dave and Creech Show" with CJ Creech, the actor, and podcaster. In 2002, he wrote the story of Frank McKlusky, C.I. In 2001, he played Mark in Bubble Boy, In 2003, he did the part of Bill the Mechanic in The Fighting Temptations, and he also appeared in Grounded for Life as Jack. In 2005, he portrayed Officer Ray Dobson in The Devil's Rejects. In 2006, he appeared as Wade in Gay Robot and “Man in Hat” in Stone & Ed. In 2014, he played Aghoul in A Haunted House 2.


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