Born on July 8, 1982, Dan Gill is an American, who is now a retired gymnast. The web forum company, Huddler, has him as their Chief Executive Officer now. He is an example of a perfect inspiration. However, his rings and parallel bars are comparatively weaker than other events. His skills displayed an exceptional instance when he achieved a tremendously challenging mount. He descended with a sporadic, problematic trick, which amazed him greatly. He completed his schooling at James Robinson High School. The ‘wow’ moment came in his life when he scored a 10.0 in the Virginia Athletics. He set a national record for the school championship. Gill was a club gymnast under Coach Carlos Vasquez at the Burke’s Capital Gymnastics. In the year 2001-2004, he completed his education at Stanford. That time he was called an all- American. He also had an encounter with David Durante. In the year 2001, at the NCCA Championship, he took away the vault. Following in 2004, he emerged as the captain of the team and victoriously won the silver. The same year, Gill accomplished the Nissen-Emery Award, the Heisman of men's gymnastics. The US National team took him as a member in 2003 and that year the team won a Pan American bronze medal. In the analogous year, at the National Championship, he ended 11th in the round. He was sixth on floor exercise, then fifth on vault. The 2004 Nationals saw him winning the silver, and this was his ticket to the Olympics. His magnificent presentation of his skills held back everyone.

He was able to move from the 12th to the 7th position, but then one drastic fall brought about many changes. The athletics in his life was more than enough, and he now wanted to acquire something that could bring about changes in his life. Since he had pursued his career in Biology, he thus prearranged his vocation as a physician. Instead of this, he went up to Silicon Valley where he was surrounded by start-ups and left medicine. After much effort, he found Huddler. He was able to accumulate $17 million in venture funding. Gill has faith that because of his gymnastics he has been able to handle things patiently. He is the son of Thom and Lorna. He considers his father and brothers as his role model due to the very fact that the latter is hardworking and intelligent. In gymnastics, he looks up to John Roethlisberger as his icon because of his unmatched skills and perseverance.

Sacha Baron Cohen English Actor

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen is famous English comedian and actor. He is a handsome and very talented person. He was born in Hammersmith, London. His parents are Daniella Baron Cohen and Gerald Baron Cohen. He has two brothers and two cousin brothers. His brothers are Erran Baron and Amnon Baron. He got the primary education from The Haberdashers Aske Boys School, and he graduated from the University of Cambridge. He started his career from fashion models in magazines. Then he did a TV show. In 1996, he was seen a short movie Punch. After four years he appeared in his next comedy movie The Jolly Boy Last Stand. In 2002, he wrote his next movie comedy Ali G Indahouse in this he gave him the role of Ali G. Ali G, the U.K.'s hottest comic sensation, makes his way to American audiences with Ali G Indahouse. In his big-screen debut, the chilled-out, hip-hopping, white Gangster-Rapper wannabe finds himself in the bizarre position of having to resolve one of Great Britain's biggest national and political. Next year he produces and write his next short movie Spy. In this film, he got the role of James Bond. In 2006, his two famous movies came Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and Borat. Borat film was the one of the famous comedy movies of all time. Borat was the best picture of his life. In this play, he got the role of Borat Sagdiyev. He also wrote and produced this picture. Borat movie got many awards at the awards show. Some of the awards are Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor, Online Film Critics Society, San Francisco Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor and Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor. This movie also nominated for many awards show. From 2007-2013, he did eight pictures. In these eight films he writes and produce two movies, those are Bruno and The Dictator. On 15 March 2010, he married to his lover Isla Fisher. He has two daughters and one son. The current year he is seen in film Grimsby, this movie has been written and produced by himself. In Grimsby, he was with his wife. His next film in this year which is complete is Alice Through the Looking Glass.


Joe Pantoliano

Joe “Pants” Pantoliano is an American artist who has featured in projects like Memento, The Matrix, and The Sopranos. Joe was born on 12th September, 1951, in Hoboken in New Jersey. His father’s name is Dominic Pantoliano who worked as a hearse driver, and his mother Mary was a seamstress. Mary was a part-time bookie. Pantoliano’s ancestors came from Italy and settled down in the USA. Joey’s friends began to call him “Joey Pants” as they were unable to pronounce his surname. After his schooling, he went to HB Studios where he met actors such as Herbert Berghof and John Lehne. In the year 1974, Joe got the credit for his character of a mugger in “Road Movie.” In 1977, Joe got his first TV role as Frankie Milano in McNamara’s Band. Since then, Joe has chipped in a lot of TV shows before making it big in “Risky Business.” In the film “Risky Business,” Joe enacted the role of Guido aka The Killer Pimp. As the producers noted his ability to portray a villain at ease, they offered such roles to Joe. Then he appeared in flicks like “Baby’s Day Out,” “The Goonies,” “The Fugitive,” “Bad Boys.” In 1999, he took part in “The Matrix” as Cypher. The Matrix became a well-liked science-fiction film among the movie buffs as it implemented many visual effects including “bullet time.” However, his breakthrough came in the form of Memento, where he essayed James Edward Gammell alias Teddy. With Christopher Nolan as its director, it is a story of an insurance company employee Leonard who suffers from short-term memory ailment due to an assassination attempt which disables him to create any new memory. However, Leonard is on a hunt to find his wife’s murderer. Wonderfully crafted, the critics praised Memento for its innovative story-telling with hailing the Nolan brothers (Christopher and Jonathan) for their efforts. Fans have termed Memento as a “must-see” movie. Pantoliano got an appreciation for his portrayal of Teddy. Christopher Nolan had admitted that there were fears over Joe’s looks being “too villainous” but went ahead with his decision of including Joe in the cast. Apart from being involved in Hollywood, Joe has contributed a lot to the telefilms as well. Joe’s major TV project was “The Sopranos” where he played Ralph Cifaretto, a soldier-turned henchman. In fact, Joe tasted success when he got a Primetime Emmy Award for his role in The Sopranos. Joe has authored two memoirs which have reflected his journey to the stardom. First, he published Who’s Sorry Now, after which Joey launched his second book Being My Mother’s Son. Joe resides with his spouse Nancy Sheppard along with their four children. In 2007, he admitted to suffering from clinical depression and urged others not to hide their problems as it would help patients fight against myths about mental illness. Joe is a co-founder of “No Kidding, Me Too!” which aims to make people aware of such diseases. In fact, as a child, Joe had difficulties in reading (dyslexia). He has given voice to Luigi Goterelli’s character for Grand Theft Auto 3. Joe will appear in Happy Anniversary.

Joe Pantoliano English Actor