English Child Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Alex Ferris

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Art Parkinson

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Lewis MacDougall

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Is Child Acting Considered As Child Labor?

Child artist are those kids who act in the television and film. These child artist are not doing any child labor instead child acting is a child glamour. The child artists in the films are well trained with special privileges. Child artists are given fixed salary. They are not being deprived of education. These child artists have fixed working hours. Children are not forced to become a child actor. It is their willingness, which allows them to be a child artist.

There are many child artists who earned millions of dollars with their acting profession. It is common to know that parents of child artist are being criticized for allowing them to work during their childhood days. There is lot of competition among the children’s life. The child artist faces negative pressure when working under tight production schedule. The child’s acting career is being discussed with their parents. Then they are selected by audition. Based on their acting skills the casting director selects the best child artist, which suits the role.