Bruce was born on 25th August, 1930. His present age is 86. Born in New Zealand he grew up in Dunedin. Bruce has featured in many dramas. As a kid, he was taken to amateur theaters by his mother. During that time he always told himself he could do better. He has also engaged in television and radio. In the 80’ s he appeared regularly on "Billy .T. James". He also featured with Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones was born on 15th September, 1946 i >> Read More... Tommy Lee Jones in "Nate and Hayes". His most famous role was of Aldor an archer in the army of Rohan, one who shot the first Urukhai from the army of Rohan in the "Lord of the rings- two towers". He’s also famous for being the voice of Master Phant in the power ranger series- Power Rangers Jungle Fury. He made his on-screen debut as a part of the Vaudeville Act. The show was in black and white as a part of the ‘ Chesseman Singer Series’.

Later after appearing in the series ‘Hunters Gold’ he played the role of the gold prospector who is sought after by the young lead. He got a chance to improve his acting skills by working on ‘Close to Home’. It was a twice a week series. "Working on a twice a week daily soap is a nice way to keep you on your toes" according to Bruce, you learn your scripts very quick. Bruce has played many supporting roles and also starred in the lead role Jocko in the series by the same name. Allpress won two best Actorfeltex awards for the series that followed this one. "Jocko" was an award-winning series. He has played many roles of police men and judges and has also played the role of working class men. In 1980 he auditioned for the role of Jocko in the series ‘High Country’ revolving around a nomadic general named Jocko.

Following which he starred in the series titled "Jocko" the first season of which released later that year. It was a one-hour episode series. The second season of "Jocko" had half hour episodes. He also played Uncle Athol, an unlucky man on the movie ‘The Scarecrow’. He also worked as the Assistant Director for this film( third cast. Director), and also appeared in a small role in the hit comedy ‘ Came a hot Friday'. One of his most remembered works is the series ‘Fallout‘, based on the life of defense force chief Ewan Jamieson. His education and private life aren't so public, however some of his interviews available on YouTube definitely give a better insight to his life and his personality.