Birthday: 25-04-1969
Age: 50
Star sign: Taurus

She is one of the biggest star and utmost paid actresses in the late years of 1990. She was pronounced as one of the desirable and sexiest women alive in Hollywood industry. Born as Renee Kathleen Zellweger on April 25, 1969 in Katy, Texas, United States. She made her memorable appearances starting in 1993 to 1994 as Tami for the movie “Reality Bites”, a story of a graduate that will fall in love with a filmmaker. She also starred as Starlene in the movie “Love and .45”, as Jenny for the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation” a story of students that crashed their vehicle unfortunately got entangled with insane family that commits cannibalistic killings. She continuously bagged major roles including “Empire” as Gina, as Novalyn for the movie “The Whole Wide”, and as Dorothy Boyd for the movie “Jerry Maguire” a story of sports agent that was fired and will work independently and will prove is ideology and existence with great athlete that stayed with him. She also starred as Elizabeth for the movie “Deceiver”, as Sonia for the movie “A Price Above Rubies”, as Ellen in the movie “One True Thing” and as Anne Arden for the movie “The Bachelor.”

She made a great start of the decade as she landed the role Betty Sizemore for the movie “Nurse Betty”, as Irene in the comedy movie “Me, Myself & Irene” alongside Jim Carrey, as Bridget for the blockbuster movie film “Bridget Jones’s Diary” a story of a young woman that will do everything she could to improve herself and find a man in a year. She also starred in the movie “White Oleander” as Claire, and made another blockbuster movie hit as Roxie Hart for the movie “Chicago” a story of two accused murderesses that will have to fight for fame to avoid death row in Chicago. She continuously surprised us in her reprising roles for the movie “Down with Love”, as Ruby for the movie “Cold Mountain”, also became a voice talent for Angie in the movie “Shark Tale”, as made a continuation story of “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”, as Mae Braddock for the movie “Cinderella Man” a story of a forgotten boxer and returned to ring and become a great inspiration to others.

Produced her own movie in 2006 called “Miss Potter” as Beatrix, as the voice for Vanessa for the animated movie “Bee Movie”, as Lexi for the movie “Leatherheads”, as Alli French for the movie “ Appaloosa” a story of two friends that was asked to scout a small town and winding up with troubles with the influential rancher and the arrival of a widow. She made a reprising role for the movie “New in Town” as Lucy Hill, as Anne Deveraux for the movie “My One and Only”, as Emily Jenkins for the movie “ Case 39”, as Jane for “My Own Love Song”, and as mother of Mike in the movie “The Whole Truth.”

Nicole Kidman English Actress

Nicole Kidman

Pronounced as one of the sexiest women alive and also a Hollywood Goddess and giant. One of the charismatic faces in silver screen. Born as Nicole Mary Kidman AC on June 20, 1967 in Hawaii, United States. First appeared in the movie “Bush Christmas” in 1983, the story of a family that will race money to avoid closure of their farm and will let their horse to go for race track but stolen. She also starred in the movie “BMX Bandits”, as Julia Matthews for the movie “Wills and Burke The Untold Story”, and as Jade for the movie “Windrider.” She continuously soared the silver screen until the end of 1980 and starred in a great act for the movie “Flirting”, as Drew for “Billy Bathgate”, as Suzzane Stone for the movie “To Die For” a story of a wife that will do anything to become TV Personality including killing her enlisting people to kill her husband. She also part of the movie “Batman Forever.”She appeared as Dr. Julia for the movie “The Peacemaker” with George Clooney, a story of a Colonel and a civilian that will track down stolen nuclear weapon by the terrorists. She also starred in the movie “Practical Magic”, as Satine in the movie “Moulin Rouge! In 2001 a story of a poet that falls in love with a performer that will be entangled with a jealous duke. She also starred in the horror movie “The Others” a story of a family living in the house that they think haunted by ghost unfortunately it is vice versa. She also starred in the movie “The Hours” as Virginia, a story of women that will be influenced by the novel Mrs. Dalloway. She also starred in the movie “Dogville” a story of a woman running from mobsters that will work in exchange of her stay in Colorado.She made a comedic but believing portrayal in the movie “The Stepford Wives”, a story of a small model community that their wives were so perfect not knowing they are all turned out not be a human anymore. She also reprised her acting skills in the movie “Birth” a story of a boy that will do his best to convince a woman that he is the dead husband. She also starred in the movie “The Interpreter” a story of a secret service agent task to investigate an interpreter the missed the conversation of an assassination plot. She also starred in the movie “Bewitched” as Isabel, played the roles Diane in the 2005 movie “Fur”, as Norma for the movie “Happy Feet”, also landed role in the movie “The Invasion”, as Margot for the movie “Margot the Wedding”, as Marissa Coulter for the movie “The Golden Compass”, as Lady Sarah for the movie “Australia” and as Claudia Jenssen for the movie “Nine.”She played the role Becca and also producer for the movie “Rabbit Hole”, as Devlin for the movie “Just Go With It”, as Sarah Miller for the movie “Trespass”, as Charlotte Bless for the movie “Paper Boy”, included in the cast of “The Railway Man”, “Grace of Monaco”, as Millicent Clyde for the movie “Paddington”, as Catherin for “Strangerland” and as Gertrude for the movie “Queen of the Desert.”


Susan Sarandon

She is one of the best living women legends in Hollywood history. Known for her classic and dramatic depiction of characters. Born as Susan Abigail Tomalin on October 4, 1946 in Queens, New York. First landed a role for the movie “Joe” in 1970, followed by the movie “Lady Liberty” a story of couple that is entangled with worker protests and have a life in Italy. She also played the roles Elizabeth in the movie “The Apprentice”, as Sally for the movie “Atlantic City” a story of a gangster and wife of a drug dealer in a corrupt city entangled with love, drugs, money and danger. She also appeared in the movie “The Witches of Eastwick” a story of three women that their wishes were granted with return and find themselves along with a mysterious man. She made a reprising role as Louise Sawyer for the movie “Thelma & Louise” a story of waitress and housewife that killed a rapist and run for their lives using a famous car. She also casted in the movie “The Client”, a story of a young boy defended by a lawyer after witnessing a mob shootout and uses him as a weapon to take them down. She played the role of a nun in the movie “Dead Man Walking” as Sister Helen a story of a man that was convicted and sentenced to death row.Along with her success and fame, she also bagged roles for the movie “Twilight” a story of a retired cop and private detective that lives with an actor drawn into a black mail scheme that will shatter their lives all together. She also starred in the movie “Illuminata”, “Stepmom”, as Margherita for the movie “Cradle Will Rock”, as Adele for the movie “Anywhere But Here”, as Alice for the movie “Joe Gould’s Secret”, as Mimi for the movie “Igby Goes Down”, landed role for the movie “The Banger Sisters”, as Jojo Floss for the movie “Moonlight Mile”, starred also for the movies “Noel”, “Shall We Dance”, and as Liz for the movie “Alfie” all in the same year. She starred along with the casts of “Elizabethtown”, as Kitty for the movie “Romance & Cigarettes”, as Beverly for the movie “Mr. Woodcock”, as Joan for the movie “In the Valley of Elah”, and as Queen Narissa for the movie “Enchanted” a story of a princess that is planned to be wed and sent to New York by an evil queen and falls in love with a lawyer.She also continuously bagged major roles including Melanie for the movie “Emotional Arithmetic”, starred in the movie “Speed Racer”, as Rhonda for the movie “Middle of Nowhere”, as Grace for the movie “The Greatest”, as Nancy for the movie “Solitary Man”, and as Grandma Lynn for the movie “The Lovely Bones” a story of a murdered young girl that watched over her family and her killer from purgatory.She also starred in the movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, as Fanny Crill for the movie “Peacock”, as Sharon Thompkins for “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”, as Jennifer for the movie “Robot & Frank”, as Mary for “That’s My Boy”, and as Ellen Miller for the movie “Arbitrage” a story of a business owner that tries to sell his empire before everything goes wrong and ask for help to execute bad plans. She also played characters for the movie “Cloud Atlas”, as Joanne for the movie “Snitch”, as Bebe for the movie “The Big Wedding” a story of a family that finds themselves in outmost behaviors in midst of the wedding of their foster son and brother. She also starred in the movie “Ping Pong Summer”, as Hazel for the movie “The Calling”, and as Dolly for the movie “Three Generations” in 2015.

Susan Sarandon English Actress