Ten Tollywood Movies Inspired By Hollywood Movies

Ten Tollywood Movies Inspired By Hollywood Movies Telugu Article

1. Action 3d (Hangover):

With a similar plot, it consists of a group of friends getting drunk on a bachelor party and facing certain consequences as they are unable to recollect anything the next morning, Action 3d surely is Telugu adaptation of Hollywood’s super hit movie hangover. Action 3d was not as successful as the original movie, which was followed by two sequels.

2. Sisndri (Baby’s Day Out):

No matter how old you are, at least once in your life, everyone has watched the movie “Baby’s Day Out”. Taking inspiration from this movie, even Tollywood made a movie with a similar plot. The Telugu version of the blockbuster Hollywood movie was named Sisndri Starring Nagarjuna in the lead role of the kidnapper.

3. Antahpuram (Not Without My Daughter):

Antahpuram is an adaptation of Hollywood movie “Not Without My Daughter” which was again based on a novel by Betty Mehmoody who was also the protagonist of the story. The story revolves around women trapped in challenging situations and wanting to save her daughters from it.

4. Satya Bhama (50 First Date):

With the similar story line of romance between a female protagonist with a short term memory and the male protagonist, Satya Bhama is inspired by the English movie “50 First Dates.”

5. Homan (The Departed):

With the similar premise of the story of an under-cover cop, Homan was the Telugu adaptation of Hollywood’s action-thriller “The Departed”. The story revolves around an orphan boy adopted and raised by a cop.

6. Money (Ruthless People):

Ruthless People was a black comedy film inspired by O Henry’s story, ‘The Ransom Of Red Chief.’ Money was the Telugu adaptation of “Ruthless People,” released in 1993. Both the movies shared a common plot of two unemployed men kidnapping a women to make easy money, whereas the lady’s husband had planned to kill her for property.

7. Key (Exam):

Key released in 2011 is psychological thriller inspired by Hollywood’s “Exam.” The story revolves around a bunch of candidates trying to secure a job with a prestigious company, but the drama unfolds when; what looked like a simple test turns out to me more complicated.

8. Ma Nana Chiranjeevi ( The Pursuit of Happyness):

The Pursuit Of Happiness is a biographical drama based on the real-life story of an entrepreneur named Chris Gardener, released in 2006. Tollywood took some serious inspiration from the movie and made a film with a similar plot. The main idea of both the movies was the struggle of a man whose wife leaves him and he is left with the custody of his son.

9. Nenu Meeku Telusa (Clean Slate):

Nenu Meeku Telusa was a Telugu adaptation of Hollywood movie “Clean Slate,” though was a complete box office failure. Both the movies share a common plot of the protagonist being a victim of a mental disorder that affects his memory. He gets caught in a murder case, and the rest of his story revolves around his battle with his memory.

10. Pape Naa Pranam (Nick Of Time):

Released in 2000 Pape Naa Pranam is Telugu adaptation of Hollywood movie “Nick of Time.” The story revolves around a father who is forced to assassinate a huge political figure who was the kidnapper of his daughter.