The Imitation Game


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The Imitation Game Trailers,Teasers, Videos & Songs

The Imitation Game is a drama/thriller movie written by Graham Moore and directed by Morten Tyldum. The film is a historical story based on the life of Alan Turing, who used his astounding and varied set of skills to build an early form of a general purpose computer for cracking Nazi codes. The trailer opens with scenes of the bombing carried out by the Germans during the second World War.

The next few clips show Benedict Cumber batch, who plays the role of Alan Turing, offering his services to crack Enigma, the code machine created by the Germans. Not all the members of the team like Alan in the start, but towards the end give him their support to the cause. Just when everything is going well, they encounter another problem. Spies. The trailer keeps its suspense throughout the scenes which are a testament to the actors’ incredible performances. Benedict Cumber batch was the recipient of many praises for his performance, and the movie received many nominations and awards. T

he film was also praised by the LGBT civil rights advocacy group for the portrayal of the tragic story of a war hero. Cumber batch did justice to his role with his captivating and emotional rendition of Turing. The movie proves itself to be a thriller as it keeps us on the edge of our seats shouting along with Cumber batch as he stresses that the machine will work.