Jerry Ferrara is an American actor commonly known for his character role as a Turtle in the HBO series Entourage. Born on 25th November 1979, this actor of Italian descent started working as an actor in 2000. His successful weight loss in 2011 took everyone by surprise and was quite a matter of discussion.

Having studied theatre in college, inspiration and motivation to take up acting came in the form of a teacher. He was encouraged to move to Los Angeles, the city where Hollywood thrives, by an agent he met at a talent showcase. On moving to Los Angeles, he landed a role in the American Sitcom The King of Queens in no time. After getting this role, he soon got offered many others too. Cross Bronx was the  movie in which he played a role, got  premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. Battleship, Last Vegas Click to look into! >> Read More... , and Lone Survivor Click to look into! >> Read More... are some well-known movies in which he showcased his acting talent.

TV audience also remembers him for his appearance as ’Turtle,’ his character in the TV series Entourage in one of DirecTV’s commercials. Fat Sal’s Deli, an eatery in Westwood, Los Angeles was co-founded by him too.

Earlier cast as Vincent chase’s plump friend in Entourage, he underwent a weight -loss regime and came out successful. Following his weight loss plan in between seasons, he lost a total of 55 pounds eventually. He credits sheer dedication and consistency in helping him lose fat. In an interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, he says that people shouldn’t give up when results are not visible immediately. According to him, progress is shown after a few months, before which it is unwise to quit.

Jerry Ferrara got nominated thrice in a row by Guild Awards in the category ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series’ for his role in Entourage. His success in the acting field as well as in real life, in the form of weight-loss, is noteworthy.

Jeremy Sumpter English Actor

Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy Sumpter is that character from Peter Pan movie, you would always remember. Sumpter, who played the title role in the movie, was born on 5th of February, 1989 in California. Born to Gary and Sandy Sumpter, Sumpter has a twin sister Jessica. Jeremy moved to Kentucky with his mother during his childhood. He explored his modeling skills and took part in International Modeling and Talent Association and he won the Pre-Teen Male Model of the year award in Kentucky. This changed Sumpter's career and he got his own personal manager Mark Robert. Sumpter realized his career needed to be flourished and there was no better place than LA for it. Sumpter, moving to California got his first chance to be on the big screen, appearing as a younger version of Matthew McConaughey in the movie ‘Frailty’. His acting was appreciated and he was also nominated for Best Performance by a Young Actor at Saturn Awards for his particular role in his first movie. His next was Just A Dream, alongside Danny Glover and he won Young Artist Award for this. He was seen in the surfer movie Local Boys playing Skeeter Dobson with co-actors Eric Christian Olson and Mark Harmon in it. The role of Peter Pan came about to Jeremy when he was barely thirteen. This movie got him huge commercial success and also a bright career with lots of appreciation for him. The P J Hogan’s film was a big break for Jeremy as it is for any young actor to play an iconic and loved role on the big screen. Jeremy took the role seriously and he worked hard to perfect the character of Peter. He was training extensively in sword fighting and also learned gymnastics for the sake of the movie which was shot in Australia and released in 2003. Jeremy was next seen in Club House, a television show for one season playing Pet Young. This was after two years after playing Peter Pan on the big screen. But the show was canceled soon after the initial episodes though around 12 episodes were shot. He then appeared on television movie Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life and it was a movie by Lifetime Channel which deals with teenagers and their addiction to internet pornography. He continued to make guest appearances on television shows which includes CSI: Miami. He was also part of the movie An American Crime where he has a small role named Coy Hubbard. In 2005, he featured in a comedy movie called Sasquatch Gang. His stint at playing a funny man continues in other comedy movies like Calvin Marshall where he plays Caselli, in You’re So Cupid as Conner Miller, and as Jared Leary in Death And Cremation. In 2011, he acted as J D McCoy in Friday Night Lights. His association with this show went for more than a year and he went on to appear in a small movie later called The Culling as Tyler. His 2014 hit film Into The Storm has Jeremy playing a Storm Chaser in the movie. Jacob Hodges is the character which was specially written for him after the filmmakers saw his audition. He auditioned for a role and got written a special role for himself. Jeremy, who loves the weather, says that he somehow wanted to be part of this movie and hence gave his best during auditions. His recent adventures in movies were his 2015 movie The Squeeze where he plays, Augie. The young and handsome actor Jeremy was always seen to have a connection with his Peter Pan co-star Rachel Hurd-Wood. But he took to his Instagram account to announce his engagement to Lauren Pacheco in 2015. He is always remembered for his role of Peter Pan in Peter Pan movie. Jeremy is said to be still friends with his co-stars of the film and also maintains friendships with singers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.


Jerry O Connell

Jerry O’Connell is an American Film as well as a television actor. Born on the 17th of February, 1974, he is married to Rebecca Romijn, an American actress herself. The TV series Sliders and My Secret Identity and films like Stand by Me, Scream 2 and Kangaroo Jack are some of his well-known works. Piranha 3-D, a comedy horror movie, had O’Connell in it in the starring role. Starting acting at a tender age, he landed roles in various commercials like those of Duncan Hine cookies and Frosted flakes. After this, he played the role of a teen that develops superhuman traits in the Canadian science fiction sitcom My Secret Identity. Jerry studied at the New York University where he learned script writing and majored in film. He has acted in various Television series after that. Stand by me, Jerry Maguire, Kangaroo Jack, Joe’s apartment and Piranha 3-D are some of the most popular movies in which he has worked as a film actor. He ventured into screenwriting too with First Daughter being his first screenplay. Along with screenwriting, he also served as the executive producer of the film mentioned above. His contribution to the industry was justly adorned with the Best Actor award by Young Artist Awards for his role in the movie Stand by Me in 1987 when he was merely eleven. He got nominated twice; once in 1989 and second in 1990 by Young Artist Awards in the category Best Actor in a family syndicated show and best actor in an off-primetime family for the TV series My Secret Identity.Beginning work when he was just a boy of ten, Jerry O’Connell continues to adorn the film and television industry even today with his valuable work.

Jerry O Connell English Actor