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Tykwer was born on 23rd May 1965 in Wuppertal, West Germany. Enamored by films and media from an early age, he started making rookie movies with his own 8mm lens. He then went on to help out a local independent theatre which used to project some underground indie films. After finishing from his schooling, he applied to numerous film schools around Europe, without getting an admission into anyone of them. He then decided to migrate to Berlin in hopes to to get a job in films as it was nearest cinema hub to his home. He got out and got a job as a projectionist at a local Berlin theatre.

In Berlin, he met with renowned artist and gay right’s activist Rosa van Praunheim, who pushed Tom Tykwer to start making stories that are related to his own life experiences. One of his bizarrely amazing ideas was for Tom to record arguments with his own girlfriend and later mould those arguments into a short film, which Tom did and released as Because, a short film from 1990. It was screened at film festivals and Tom went on to receive a lot of appraisal, this opened up Tom’s name to the public. Later in 1993, Tom wrote and directed his first feature film Deadly Maria, released solely on German TV. Since then, Tom went on to have a stunning career, making movies like Run Lola Run and many others.


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