Otto Benjamin Charles Bathurst is a director from Britain. He was born in June 1971 at Hammersmith, London. He was brought up in Dudley and Bridgnorth. Otto was born to Elizabeth Mary (Thompson) and Christopher Bathurst, 3rd Viscount Bledisloe. Benjamin was doing engineering at University but, suddenly he realized his passion for the film industry; therefore, he left university and got settled in London for work in movies.

Before starting his career in television, Otto worked as an editor then started working for commercials. He has directed many Television series of which some are; BBC drama Peaky Blinders, BBC series Criminal Justice and Five Days, The National Anthem (the first episode of science fiction anthology series Black Mirror Serial story coming soon...   >> Read More... Black Mirror ), Robin Hood Click to look into! >> Read More... Robin Hood (released on 21 November), Urban Gothic, Teachers, Hustle, and Margot. Bathurst is known as the most thrilling director.