Peter Sohn English Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Peter Sohn is an American Voice actor, director, storyboard artist and an Animator. He works for the Pixar Animation Studios. Sohn was born in the town the Bronx and was raised in the New York City. His parents emigrated from Korea in 1990’s. He went to CalArts, and while studying there, he worked on Brad Bird’s The Iron Gaint as an intern. He married his College love Anna Chambers, who is an animation artist who he met at CalArts. After school, he got an opportunity to work at The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. After having a successful start to his career by working with some of the best animation companies Peter took his talent to the Pixar. He worked in the art and the story department of one of the most famous project of The Pixar, Finding Nemo. Along with Finding Nemo, he also worked on The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and WALL-E. He even voice-dubbed the character of Emily in the movie Ratatouille. He wrote and directed his first short film in the year 2009. He named his project Partly Cloud.

The movie was included in the Animation Show of Shows. Later, he co-directed the English version of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in 2009. He was helped by John Lasseter John Lasseter is an American animator and the Chie >> Read More... John Lasseter and Brad Lewis. The boy in the movie Up was based on Peter. He looked exactly like Peter used to when he was a child. Sohn even voice-dubbed for the movie. He also worked in the movie Monster’s University, where he voice-dubbed the character of Squishy. Peter’s latest work includes The Good Dinosaur Click to look into! >> Read More... The Good Dinosaur , which was released in November 2015. He also voices-dubbed the character of Forest Woodbrush in Styracosaurus. Some of Peter’s notable works include Osmosis Jones where he was the Senior Animator. He worked with the art production team in the movie One Man Band. He even worked as an Additional Production Artist in the movie Toy Story 3. Apart from dubbing the character of Russel in Up, Peter also worked as a Storyboard artist in the movie.