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The Good Dinosaur Trailers,Teasers, Video & Songs

The Good Dinosaur is a Pixar-animated adventure film about a dinosaur and his boy companion as they traverse the harsh and bizarre landscapes to find a way back home. Peter Sohn is the director and one of the writers of the storyline. The trailer’s opening starts with a quote, “ A single moment can change history.” It refers to the meteor hit that killed the dinosaurs, but the movie explores the what-if situation.

What if the meteor did not hit Earth? What if dinosaurs and mankind existed simultaneously? From some of the glimpses offered by the trailer, we can see that the animation and effects gone to make the landscapes are spectacular. The scenery is so realistic except for the characters who appear more cartoonish and animated. The trailer is a mix of the life-changing moments for Arlo and Spot, intermingling the happy times with the spine-tingling scary times.

The movie was mainly for the view of children and hence the storyline is a little dull. But the film has some negative news for its dragging screenplay, some violent scenes for a kid’s story, and insufficient character development. The animated feature won the Visual Effects Society Awards and Annie Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated feature. The film has a spectacular premise that fell a bit short in its execution.