David Twohy is an English film director and writer. He has given some hit movies in the 90s and the early 2000s. Twohy was born in California. He graduated from California State University, where he did his major studies on television, radio, and theater. In 1988, soon after he graduated, he wrote his first film, ‘Warlock’, which was a low budget movie, and then he wrote the script of 'Critters Two'. His first debut film as a director was ‘Timescape’, which was broadcasted in 1992, but wasn't so popular. Grand Tour: Disaster in Time, was another motion picture of David, which was released in the same year. From the Science Fiction Academy, David has been honored with a Golden Scroll, and at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, a Golden Raven was awarded to Twohy.

After his first flick failed to get good reviews, he decided to return to writing and co-wrote the box office hit, 'The Fugitive', and then he wrote the flop movie, ‘Waterworld’. Then, he tried direction for the second time, with the movie, 'The Arrival', which was successful and was awarded the Saturn Award by the Academy Awards. Then came 'Pitch Black', in the year 2000, which David wrote. It was a blockbuster hit as it was the debut movie of the famous Hollywood star, Vin Diesel “Salute Mi Familia” this could be his infamous fra >> Read More... Vin Diesel . Next came 'The Chronicles of Riddick Click to look into! >> Read More... Riddick ', which was the sequel to Pitch Black. It was a science-fiction film and a big budget film with a whopping 100 million dollars spent on the movie. This was greater than the main movie itself. It was released in the year 2004. In 2002, Twohy co-wrote and directed 'Below', which narrates a series of World War II experiences, and this movie got a nomination in the category of Best Film for the The International Fantasy Film Award.

In 2013, almost eight years later, David and Vin Diesel, together, did the third sequel to Pitch Black, which was named as ‘Riddick’. The budget of the movie was 40 million dollars and it was a high grossing film. When asked about producing films, he stated that he was very busy with directing and writing films, and there could not be any way he would think of production.