Top 10 Superhero Movies To Look Out For!

Top 10 Superhero Movies To Look Out For! English Article

Super hero movies have been successfully able to guide the audience to another world and lure them to the excess support and love for Super heroes and unexpectedly Super villains too. For instance the Fans love ‘The Joker’ and ‘Loki’ just as much as they love Superman and Batman. Superhero movies have been the carving their way to the top in the list of most loved movies and this doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. Well more and more superhero movies are announced and it’s easier to lose track of what’s coming in our way. So, here is our list of the most awaited superhero movies:

1. Suicide Squad Click to look into! >> Read More... Suicide Squad


What can one say about a movie which stars super villains together? Well, just Awesome. The Suicide squad directed by David Ayer David Ayer is an America based director, producer >> Read More... David Ayer focuses on the Super villains. Featuring Big names such as The joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot as well as lesser known characters like Enchantress and Rick Flagg; the film has amazing star cast and assures the audience to be heavily inspired by the comics.

2. Wolverine 3


Arguably the first superhero movie of the year 2017 could be the end of an era for the wolverine. Fans are very dejected to hear that this one would be the last of in the wolverine series. Hugh jackman is all set to sport the adamantium claws for One Last time.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2


The First film of the series has just set the fans wanting for more of it. However this time around, all eyes would be on the crew of Milano. The Film is complete mystery for fans as who would be against the Guardians is nothing but just a guess. 

4. Wonder Woman Click to look into! >> Read More... Wonder Woman


Diana Prince was the first ever woman superhero character introduced by DC Entertainment in the year 1941. Since then the themysciran princess has been on the favorites list of every superhero fan. However the entry of in this superhero franchise is just a treat for every superhero fan.


5. Justice league part 1


Well, any movie with batman and superman in it is just a treat to watch for any superhero fan. However DC entertainment plans to introduce their team to fight against evil. The movie has the likes of batman, Superman, Aqua man, Wonder Woman and The Flash Click to look into! >> Read More... The Flash . We wonder if DC is able to replicate the success that Marvel was able to achieve.

6. Avengers Infinity War 1


The Level of excitement caused by this movie is completely astonishing and that too even before its release. It now appears that everything we watched from the Marvel will now lead to the two parts of showdown and legendary clash with the deadly Super villain Thanos himself. The first half of the infinity war would undoubtedly introduce more villains to check the potential of our beloved superheroes. Could part 1 simply be a tease to the Dangerous action and sequences of infinity war 2?

7. Doctor Strange Click to look into! >> Read More... Doctor Strange

This film is all set to hit the theatre next year. With the release of the trailer of Doctor Strange, Marvel has just introduced the audience to the enchanting world of magic and with it, also the unbelievable superhero. Also there is a huge possibility of a one on one duel of thanos and Doctor Strange!

8. Black Panther Click to look into! >> Read More... Black Panther

The debut of Black Panther in Civil War has generated a huge curiosity among the audience to know more about the Wakanda savior. It is believed that the Marvel will be producing a movie on Black Panther to give the superhero the introduction which he deserves. It would be interesting to watch the king of wakanda defend the country and protect the people.

9. Thor Ragnarok

The final piece of the Thor Trilogy, this film assures the audience for more action from their favorite; the thunder God. Although, it is highly assumed that the Thor would be missing out of action after the final movie in the series. However the fans can only hope to see more of him every year.

10. Gambit

Who doesn’t want to watch a superhero who can blast places with the help of just playing cards? It would be interesting to watch this superhero showcase his skills in the X-Mansion. This superhero has the ability where he can connect to and channel kinetic energy, and can subsequently use this to charge individual objects.