Jay Roach English Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer
    - Director

Mathew Jay Roach is the well-known American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in New Mexico to a military worker, he graduated from Eldorado High School in 1975 and received a BA in economics from Stanford University in 1980 and later earned an M.F.A. in film production from the University Of Southern California in 1986. He originally wanted to go to a Law school after graduation, but destiny took him towards the film industry.

He has directed some of the most outstanding films in the industry, which include the film "Recount" which earned Roach two Emmy awards. He directed the Home Box Office film “Game Change” which threw light upon the 2008 Palin campaign, and it became one of the most watched films in HBO history. Through this movie, he grabbed his third and fourth Primetime Emmy Award and the Golden Globe and Peabody Award. His professional life was a great success.

Coming to his personal life, Roach married the musician and actress Hoffs Susanna of The Bangles on 17 April 1993, with whom he has two sons, Jackson Roach, and Sam Rayfield Roach. Though Roach was a Southern Baptist by birth, yet he converted to Judaism before marrying Hoffs. He met at the bar and became his close friend.

Few of his recent hits are comedy film Dinner For Schmucks (2010), Game Change (2012), etc. While talking about Roach, one can never forget his recent biographical drama “Trumbo", released on 6 November 2015, in which he directed one Oscar-nominated performance. Not just this, he was the member of the jury for AFI Awards for Motion Pictures 2005.

Among the various projects he is attached to, the most notable ones are, "Austin Powers 4" which is in development with Mike Myers, "Used Guys" with Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey and "The Party,” a remake of the Peter Sellers Born on September 8, 1925, in Hampshire, England, >> Read More... Peter Sellers comedy.