Catherine Hardwicke was born on 21 October 1955. She is a Film Director in America, screenwriter as well as a production designer. Her Independent Film ‘Thirteen’ got nominated for Academic Award. She wrote this film with the film’s co- star, Nikki Reed. Her work includes the following films The Nativity Story which is Biblically-themed, Twilight which is a the vampire film, Red Riding Hood Click to look into! >> Read More... , which was the werewolf film and Lord of Dog town which was the classic skate boating film.

The biggest opportunity ever for her was the opening of Twilight. Her parents were John Benjamin Hardwicke and Jamee Elbert {Bennett}. Jack and Irene Hardwicke Olivier are her brother and sister. Her sister is an artist. In McAllen, Texas, on the US- Mexico border, she grew up. Her family bought and worked in a farm along the Rio Grande, there, and had risen as Presbyteries. Her high school principal had stabbed there, and she said that it was a wild area. One of her friends was murdered, and father of one of her friends too was shot dead there.

She also mentioned that her life was great at the same time and a thick Finn life too.’ From McAllen High School, she completed her graduation and then she went to attend Austin’s University of Texas. There she understood that she had a lot of creativity while she was doing Architecture. Later she went to Los Angeles for exploring her creative talent in UCLA film school. Cameron Crème, Richard Linklater, and David O Russell are the film directors with whom she worked.

She gained experience working with them through the techniques and learned formal aspects from the conversation in a professional way. She received advice as well as tips from some people when she talked of being a filmmaker. Her career was crucial as a production designer and beneficial for molding her career. The time spendt with the director gave her a way for directing. In the films, Thirteen and Lords of Dog Town the common theme is teen angst.

These movies had been shown in a realistic way as it revolves around a trouble that comes with adolescence. Hardwicke’s main focus was on the life of teens showing that they also experience raw emotions, pain, and happiness rather than focusing on comedy. The power of the friendship is the other thing on which she focuses as both these movies show difficulties of life and how they can be made easy or even more difficult by the friends we have.

Cary Fukunaga English Actor

Cary Fukunaga

Cary Fukunaga (D.O.B- 10 July 1977) is an American film director, scriptwriter, and cinematographer. Cary was born in Oakland, California, USA. His father, Anthony Shuzo Fukunaga, was from a Japanese family who was born in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II. His mother, Gretchen May Grufman, was of Swedish origin. His parents got divorced and later remarried, his father to an Argentine and his mother to a Mexican-American. His was a middle-class family living in the suburban Bay Area. He started writing fictional stories and little screenplays when he was in the fifth grade. At the age of 14, he wrote a 60 page Civil War epic about two brothers that were in the Seven Days campaign and were in a field hospital and fall in love with the same nurse. Initially wanting to be a pro-snowboarder, he made a switch to filmmaking in his mid-twenties. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from University of California and later attended Institut d'études Politiques (IEP) de Grenoble. He joined New York University’s Tisch School of Arts in their grad film program three years after college. Meanwhile, he worked in San Francisco and then Los Angeles crewing on various music videos and a few obscure indie features. His first job when he got to L.A. was assisting the cameraman on the music video for Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor.” While at NYU, he directed the short film “Victoria Para Chino”, which he wrote as well. It was screened at Sundance Film Festival and also fetched him a Student Academy Award. Kofi and Sleepwalking in the Rift were two more short films written and directed by him. His first feature film was “Sin Nombre”. It was the story of a Honduran girl trying to immigrate to the U.S.A., and a boy caught up in the violence of gang life who also needs to escape. The critics praised the movie, heaping praises on Cary’s direction. It won numerous awards, including those for direction and cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009. His second film, Jane Eyre, was a cinematic adaptation of the novel of the same name. The reviews were highly favorable. The film received many awards and nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design. He directed all the episodes of the first season of highly acclaimed HBO TV series True Detective. Cary won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Director for the show. He is serving as an executive producer for the second season of the show. His latest venture, Beasts of No Nation, a war drama about a young boy who survives as his country goes through a horrific war received universal critical acclaim and was a favorite at various international film festivals. Cary has worked as a cinematographer and as a camera operator also on various short film projects. He currently lives in New York City. He dated actress Michelle Williams for a short time. He considers screenplay writer Naomi Foner as a guide. He has been awarded several grants, namely, USA Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, the John H. Johnson Film Award / Princess Grace Foundation Fellowship, and a Katrin Cartlidge Foundation bursary. In his short career, he has risen to great heights and is considered one of the upcoming talents to look up to.


Night Shyamalan

Manoj Shyamalan was born on August 6th 1970. His professional name is M. Night Shyamalan. He is an American-Indian film actor, director, screen writer, producer. He is known as an occasional actor who takes supernatural contemporary plots and makes movie. Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he settles his films, a place where he had grown up. He was known for including plots twist in his film. Hollywood film imprints Co and Walt Disney Studios' Touchstone produced and released most of his commercially successful films. From the Indian Government, he was awarded Padma Shri. In Mahe a place in Pondicherry, Southwestern India he was born to a South Indian parent. Nelliate C. Shyamalan was his father who was from Mahé and was a Malayali and he completed his graduation with a degree of medical from Jimper. Jayalaxmi is his mother who is a Tamil and a gynecologist by profession. Veena is her first child and after her birth, they went to the United States of America. After three months of the second pregnancy, his mother returned to India. He had grown in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, after spending his six weeks in Pondicherry. At the young age he got the Camera Super 8 and after this, he had a desire of filmmaking. Continuing and following the family business of medicine by him was his father’s wish. Drama Praying with Anger, a semi-autobiography was his first film that he made while he was a student and borrowed money from his family as well as from his friends for his first movie. Wild Awake was his second movie. In 1999 he earned a Young Artist Award for their film Wild Awake which he attended when he was a child in school. He got nominated for Cross, Best Performance, and Best Drama. He wrote the Stuart Little’s screenplay along Greg Brooker in the same year. He met a fellow student in New York University names Bhavna Vaswani whom he married. In Berwyn, Pennsylvania, his production company, Blinding Edge Pictures is located. He iss a director, executive producer, writer as well as an actor in the films like Unbreakable (2000(, Praying with Anger (1992). Signs (2002), The Village (2004), Lady in the Water (2006), The Happening (2008), The Last Airbender(2010). Wide Awake, The Sixth Sense, Stuart little, Devil, After Earth, Wayward Pines, The Visit, Split are some films in which he was either a director, executive producer, writer or an actor.

Night Shyamalan English Actor