Samuel Brown English Actor

Samuel Brown is an American comedian, writer and actor. Samuel Kelly Brown also known as Sam Brown was born on 26th October 1981 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. He did his schooling from Sandwich High School. He then applied to School of Visual Arts, Manhattan. He has completed his graduation from SVS in BFA in Film. Sam started working at New York City comedy club where he met Trevor Moore.

They both attended SVS. Both of them started the comedy troupe ‘Whitest Kids U’ Know’, which became very popular; later Zach Cregger, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter also joined them in this troupe. He also worked at ImaginAsian TV as an associate producer. Sam, apart from ‘Whitest Kids U’ Know’ has been the writer of the film ‘The Civil War on Drugs’ (2011); also, he has acted in the film, short films as ‘The Avengers: Unhooked’ (2013), ‘Mad Men Forever:

Future Don Draper’ (2013) and a few more and also has been the writer of a TV series ‘Almost Legal with Tommy Chong’ (2015). Sam has acted in the TV series as ‘Hardly working’ (2008), ‘Z Rock’ (2008), ‘Business’ (2012-13) and many others.