Harland Williams English Actor

Harland Williams is a very well-known comedian and musician who has worked in many big Hollywood comedies. His sense of humor has garnered immense popularity for him in radio, TV, stand-up and film industry. However, it was filmed that gave Williams instant recognition. Be it his pee-drinking cop in Dumb and Dumber or a goof-ball astronaut in Rocketman- these roles made Harland a household name.

His stints in TV variety series like Late Night with David Letterman were also famous. He also lends his voice to many animated films and TV series. A Toronto-based man, Harland was always keen in drawing and painting that then slowly brought him to stand-up and music. It is this love for art that made Harland, a college dropout, leave his job as a forest ranger and move to Los Angeles. Comedy is not the only thing Harland is good at.

Together with his cousin Kevin Hearn ( the keyboardist from Barenaked Ladies), he made his band called, “The Cousins”. Apart from that, he has a bi-weekly podcast “The Harland Highway” where he gives an insight on the pop culture. He is famously known for his improvisations in his acts, which has helped him fetch numerous awards. Many still remember the bird sounds he made on the Adam Carolla podcast. He also has his website wherein one can buy merchandizes and see his works. He is currently working on Wing Man, an upcoming Hollywood comedy.