Mauro Bigonzetti is a prominent dancer and choreographer of contemporary ballet. He was born in 1960, Rome, Italy. Hedocile at the balletschool of Teatrodell Opera Di Roma and also entered their company in 1979. In 1983, he involved in the Region Emilia company,Aterballeto renowned for contemporary Repertory. He joined Aterballeto in 1990. In 1993, he recruited Balletode Toscana as resident choreographer and, in 1957, returned to Aterballeto as artistic director.

Throughout his career he had a close relationship with Aterballeto. He worked as a director of LASCALA BALLET2016 but resigned for health issues after eight-month. His work has been presented by theTeatro dell Opera De Roma, balletde Toscana, English national ballet,Juliobocca and ballet Argentino, Gauthies dance, ballet Gubenkian, and most recently the cityBallet of SaoPaulo, Brazil. For the New York City ballet he designed vesper in 2002, invento 2006, and Olternare in 2008 with composer Bruno moretti.

His Latest work was premiered by the Grand ballet Canadian on 24 May 2007. He has choreographe dpression 1994, songs 1991,Cantata 2001,Les noces 2002,Rossini cards 2004, wam 2005, vertigo 2006, Romeo and Juliet 2006, allice 2014, Cinderella 2015,intemezzo 2012, certe nolti 2009, respiro 2009, Incanto 2007, terra 2008.