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Richard Kelton, aka Richard Duane Kelton, is an American actor born on April 29, 1943. He was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska,  U.S. In 1963 after completing his schooling at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Richard joined The University of Kansas. In 1966, he acquired a graduation degree in drama. In 1968 following this, he completed his master's degree. Richard has played many prominent roles in both television series and movies. In 1967 he started his journey as Bobby Rupp in the film named In Cold Blood.

In 1970 he appeared in Wild Women as Lt. Charring, Heroic Mission as Nancy's Boyfriend, and The Young Rebels as Edward Brockton. However, he also featured in Gunsmoke for five episodes. In 1971 Richard Kelton arose in three various shows with three different characters. He featured in Mission: Impossible as Billy Walsh, The F.B.I. as Chuck Davis, and Cade's County as Paul Jeffries.

In 1972 Richard showed his versatility in The Waltons as Anson Collier, Hawaii Five-O as Lt. Carter, and Room 222. In 1973 he played in a television series named Hawkins as Don Morrison. In 1975 he played many roles in several exhibits. The list of those shows and the characters are Joe Forrester in Medical Story, Matt Helm as Jed Larson, The Ultimate Warrior as Cal, Barbary Coast as Cad Shugrue, and Archer Ernest Richter. In 1976 Richard provided his voice for Logan's Run as a Sanctuary Man.

In 1977 and 1978, he featured in some episodes of many television series. The list of those television series is The Feather and Father Gang as Colby, Charlie's Angels as Hubie, Dallas as Taylor "Guzzler" Bennett, A Guide for the Married Woman as Everett Hemming-Fantasy Man, Go West, Young Girl as Griff, The Incredible Hulk as Carl, and Police Woman as Ron Chamberlin.

In 1979 Richard appeared in two television shows named The Rockford Files as Norman Wheeler and How the West Was Won as Trey Hollingsworth. However, this immensely talented soul left the entertainment industry on November 27, 1978. He left everyone at the age of 35.  The stretch when Richard Kelton was shooting for the NBC-TV miniseries Centennial a spontaneous carbon monoxide asphyxiation occurred. This incident happened because of some drawbacks in the heater and scarcity of ventilation. Nonetheless, this carelessness took Richard Kelton off everyone. In 1978 after his death, Richard Kelton memorial funds were inaugurated for the undergraduate students who wanted to pursue theatre and acting.  


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