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It has been nine years since acting chose him and he has been into television, films, commercials, short films, music videos, industrials and corporate videos. He has completed a degree in acting at the Toronto University of Canada for three years and works out his career behind the ‘Lights, Camera and Action.’ He has been a paid worker professionally in both the places of Toronto, Canada, and London, England. He has also served to teach the actors of the leading generation in 2010 till 2012. ‘The Actor’s Fundamentals’ was what it was called to train the leading artists with the Meisner Technique David Mamet’s Practical Aesthetics, where the actor is trained to act in any field or the job he gets for his living and versatility. He has been a writer, a director and a producer for three short films and directed a play for the screens in Toronto Fringe Festival.

He has also been a model and yet to seek many things. He is yet to discover himself and believes that he truly has many capabilities that are yet to be known and showed to the world. He hopes that working on acting in any field would be add-ons to his acting career and that which helps him develops his portfolio in acting. He feels that each new experience he gets through new assignments which are worthy enough for him to be paid aptly is a lesson and that of a further discovery of another side of him. His preferences for acting genres are Art, Music, Dance, Lifestyle, Makeup, Glamour, Fitness, Runway, Sportswear, Swimwear, and much more. He had the full membership of ACTRA and Equity and with the intention of helping the artists he set out into the world as a teacher and also enacts the assignments given to him.

At Toronto, he graduated from the ‘The Actor’s Temple’. His actions were screened in London, Canada, England and in the New York City. The lately directed film is The Mariner, which is a short film premiered on the TIFF. This movie was nominated as one among the top ten in Canada. ‘Moose on the Loose’ will be screened mostly by next month at Magnus theater. He has also appeared in a web series titled as ‘The Little Foxes.’ The names in his list of short films are titled as ‘Hardscrabble,’ ’Last Night,’ and ‘Love Shattered Pride.’ The list of plays he directed is ‘The Indian Wants the Bronx’ for the Fringe Festival of Toronto and ‘Voodoo Juju’ for the on-going operations of Unit 22 in 24 series of Theater company.


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