KJ Apa

Other names of KJ Apa: Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa
KJ Apa English Actor
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Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa is a famous actor, singer, and musician of New Zealand. He started his acting career by playing Kane Jenkins in the prime-time soap opera Short land Street for two years. He attended school at King's College situated in Auckland before beginning his acting career. Apa played the role of Archie Andrews in the drama series Riverdale after a four-month worldwide talent search. Kj Apa starred as teenage Ethan Montgomery in the comedy-drama film released in 2017.

A Dog's Purpose movie released on the same date as Riverdale premiered on television. Apa replaced Kian Lawley in the drama film The Hate U Give. He featured Griffin in the Netflix film The Last Summer, which was released on 3 May 2019. Also, he starred in the biographical romance as singer Jeremy Camp in the drama film I Still Believe, released in March 2020. Kj Apa has featured in several popular movies such as A Dog's Purpose, The Hate U Give, The Last Summer, I Still Believe, Dead Reckoning, Songbird.

An interesting fact about KJ Apa is that it is his mother who convinced him to sign up for the modeling agency. In childhood, KJ Apa used to play guitar on the street near his home in Auckland. KJ Apa recorded a solo guitar album at the age of just 14. He has a tattoo to honor his family. KJ Apa and Corinne Isherwood have been dating since November 2017.