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Kenneth Kirzinger was born on November 4, 1959. He is an actor and stuntman from Canada, best known for his role as Jason Voorhees and movies such as ‘Joy Ride 3: Roadkill’ (2014) in ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ (2003), ‘ Wrong Turn Click to look into! >> Read More... 2: Dead End’ (2007) ‘The Rusty Nail’. He was related to Friday the 13th before he took up the role of Jason Voorhees from Kane Hodder. In 1989, he appeared as a New York Click to look into! >> Read More... chef in ‘Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan’. In addition to his role as a chef, he also served as the stunt coordinator for the film. Kirzinger is the second person besides Hodder to play Jason more than once, because he doubled the latter in a few short scenes in the same movie.

He has acted or performed stunts in TV shows, movies, and telefilms like ‘Till Dad Do Us Part’, ‘ Danger Bay This is an adventure series and is a Canadian seri >> Read More... ’, ‘Max Glick’, ‘ Boy Meets Girl Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘Cadillac’, ‘ Shame Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘Room Mates’, ‘Neon Rider’, ‘The X-Files’, ‘Sirens’, ‘Memories of Murder’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Sea Hunt’, ‘Fly By Night’, ‘Psych’, ‘ MacGyver MacGyver is an American television serial that is >> Read More... ’, ‘Day Glow Warrior’, ‘Bordertown’, ‘Rescue 911’, ‘Futuresport’ (1998), ‘Stay Tuned’ (1992), ‘White Fang 2: Myth of The White Wolf’ (1994), ‘Ace Ventura’ (1995), ‘Bad Moon’ (1996), ‘Firestorm’ (1998), ‘The 13th Warrior’ (1999), ‘Cats & Dogs’ (2001), ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ (2001), ‘Camouflage’ (2001), ‘The Santa Clause 2’ (2002), ‘Insomnia’ (2002), ‘Freddy vs Jason’ (2003), ‘Hot Rod’ (2007), Wrong Turn 2: Dead End’ (2007), ‘Joy Ride 3: Roadkill’ (2014), ‘The Assignment’, ‘Still Not Quite Human’, ‘ Perry Mason Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... ’, ‘Stranger in My Bed’, ‘Omen IV’, ‘Force III’, ‘My Son Johnny’, ‘It’, ‘Deadly Intentions’, ‘Blind Man's Bluff’, ‘Season of Fear’, ‘Brotherly Love’, ‘Barrington’, ‘A Mother's Justice’, ‘Going For The Gold’, ‘Christmas Comes to Willow Creek’, ‘Jumpin' Joe’, etc.


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