English Stunt ( 0 - 12 )

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Stunt Performers Risk Their Life

Stunt Performers are the people who perform the stunts in a film. The stunts demand great amount of physical fitness and stamina. Stunt performers often work as body doubles where they are appear to be seemingly similar to the lead actors (since they are unable to perform the stunts themselves). They go through strenuous routines and follow a strict diet to remain fit – their rehearsals are monitored by their coach and the coach has been instructed by the stunt director. Their performance is supervised by the stunt coordinators. Trained and skilled professionals, stunt performers are aware of the precautions that are required to be taken prior to the performance.

Apart from films and televisions, they also perform live which becomes more difficult relatively due to the high level of risk. They have the basic knowledge of some sports like swimming and boxing, and art forms like martial arts. They have the ability to adapt easily to changing situations and circumstances and react quickly. Apart from this, they know how to identify hazards and assess risks. Aware of the technicalities related to safety, they are accurate in their tasks and have good communication skills.