Dubbing (0 - 12)


Enjoyment Comes With Dubbing

Dubbing is a process that is used to translate the original language of the dialogues of the film or TV show into another language. It is done in the post production stage after the whole film making process. Dubbing is done in a special dubbing studio. Special dubbing artist are used to record the dialogues in the film. It can be dubbed in any language according to the popularity and reach of the film. Dubbing helps the people who don’t understand a particular language to still watch the movie or TV show.

The film is dubbed into a regional language make it easy to understand for the audience. They add subtitles and voice-overs while dubbing. Different tips and tricks are used to make the sound effects in the film. It is a tiresome process and takes a lot of time. Dubbing is also used to add extra sounds and new dialogues other than the original film. Dubbing is difficult process as it has to be precise and match with the actors/actress lip movements.