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Sonal Kaushal is a voice artist from Delhi, India. She is very talented and popular among the people. She has voiced for many famous cartoon characters. She was quite young when she first started dubbing in Hindi for various shows. Her first voice was heard for All India Radio when she was merely eight years old. Sonal’s mother was a casual announcer at All India radio when she came to know about the on-going auditions for dubbing in a Japanese cartoon show. In the year 2005, she was successful in getting the part for dubbing. She was just 13 years old at the time. She shared her experience, she was just a kid with no training, it was all along the process that she learned how to work efficiently.

Sonal’s voice was first casted-off for the very favourite cartoon character. Age doesn’t count here, everyone knowsabout the Japanese cartoon character,Doraemon. She had never expected this admiration towards the show. She has been voicing for it for more than 12 years. She has accomplished great appreciation for her work. Not to forget to mention another famous animated hit series of India, ChotaBheem. Yes, it indeed is the voice of Sonal used for the protagonist Bheem in the show. As a child artist, Sonal anchored numerous shows on Doordarshan and was known to the voicing work. She is a self-taught voicer and has dubbed for many Hindi movies as well.

Kaushal was brought up in New Delhi but later on she decided to move to Mumbai due to the industry based background. Same was the reason for the auditions which took place again since the Doraemon was Delhi based recording but they couldn’t find a suitable replacement and so it was decided that Sonal will continue to voice for Doraemon. It was challenging for Kaushal to voice for Bheem as she had to match with the previous voice artist. And no doubt she pulled it off so well. Kaushal also dubbed for Amy Jackson Amy Jackson is the popular actress in India, who i >> Read More... in Freaky Ali Click to look into! >> Read More... , narration for many advertisements and shows on Good Times, Fox Traveller and NAT geographic.

She even dubbed for the outstandingly famouscharacter of the HBO show, Game of Thrones, Arya Stark. Even though, Sonal finds vocal art as her second nature but she also shares the back-breaking truth behind it. She also recalled the time when her cords got swollen due to long hours of voicing. The doctor even warned her of losing her voice. It was after this that Sonal started being more careful about herself. Sonal was also appreciated and awarded for her work. She feels grateful for the gift of skill she occupies and even wants to continue doing what she loves the most, that is, being a voice artist.


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