Comedian (0 - 12)


Comedian Cools The Situation

A comedian is someone who does a comic role or is known for his excellent comic acting in a film or TV show. In the olden days of English plays and dramas they were called as 'Jesters'. They were later called as comedians in the cinema industry. They are also known as a comic. A female comedian is called as comedienne.
A comedian can be male or female and of any age. Even a child actor or actress could be a comedian in the film. They usually add an entertainment element in a tense scene. There is separate genre of comedy films that has comedians or comic actors in them.

The jokes and comic scenes are usually scripted by the scriptwriter or the comedian himself. There are types of comedy acts such as slapstick comedy or prop comedy or even impersonations. Mimicry artists can also be called as comedians with their mimicry performances.

Nowadays there are stand up comedians as well. They perform live jokes and comedy stunts for the audience in a limited time slot. A Comedian can be an important part of the film or TV show. They are usually supporting actors/ actresses but if needed can be the main lead depending on the film plot.