Aadukalam Murugadoss Tamil Actor
The story of Murugadoss is one of those typical ones of the small town boy making it big in tinsel town by dint of strong determination and hard work. Coming from an unpretentious background he entered Tamil films back in 2004, featuring in the film “Ghilli” where although he did not play a very significantly prominent role, was seen throughout the movie flitting in and out of scenes as a member of a Kabaddi team. He had to wait for seven long years before he could really catch the attention of the audience in “Aadukalam”. His depiction of a devoted friend to the famous Dhanush, rubbed off on him too, and that, along with the success of the film itself, brought him the turnaround that he was looking for all along. In fact, his success in this film brought him a name – in the physical sense too! Thenceforth, his screen name became Aadukalam Murugadoss.Although he did not figure in any lead roles immediately thereafter, he was seen portraying several strong character roles as the second hero or as one of the main protagonists. Some laudable roles in which his acting drew critical acclaim included his depiction of a mentally challenged person in “Mounaguru”, and again as one of the main characters in the action films “ThadaiyaraThaakka” and “ Mugamoodi Click to look into! >> Read More... Mugamoodi ”.In a role reversal of sorts, he played a comic character in“Kan Pesum Vaarthaigal”, which too entertained his fans immensely. Having persevered for over a decade in the Tamil film industry in various roles, he has at last been able to start securing lead roles for himself. In 2014,the film “Kalvargal” would see him as the main hero for the first time, and many of his fans feel, this would be the second major landmark in his career, after “Aadukalam”.Others, more on the superstitious side, attribute this to a change in fortunes, triggered by his marriage in the very same year!