Virumaandi Movie Review

4 / 5.0

The movie Virumaandi raised considerable expectation among the fans as it deals with the issue of capital punishment. According to Virumaandi, capital punishment is not welcome, and that taking away a life, even legally through death sentence, is murder. The movie is a directorial venture by Kamal Haasan, the versatile actor. The theme of non-violence is preached in the movie which has plenty of gory scenes in it.


Kamal Haasan and Pasupathi are from the same village. They have landed up in jail for the crimes that they have committed. A human rights activist, Rohini, enters the jail, and she hears two different versions of the same story, one by Kamal Haasan and another by Pasupathi. At last, the human right activist finds out that Kamal Haasan is innocent. Although Pasupathi projects Kamal Haasan as the villain, the human rights activist takes side with Kamal Haasan. The movie shows flashbacks, which are narrated by Kamal and Pasupathi. The beautiful town of Theni is brought alive before our eyes by the camera. Also, the Chennai Campa Cola Grounds are shown as the ground for Jallikattu, the bull-fight, that pulls the audiences to the edge of their seats.

Star Performances

Kamal Haasan, as usual, has done an exemplary performance in the movie. Actress Abhirami has done her role very well. Actors Napoleon and Nasser make very brief appearances in the movie and do not have much scope for performance. Other supporting actors in the movie as C R Saraswathy and Kanthimathi have done an excellent job. Rohini has played to the fullest of her capability. Pasupathi’s villainy is threatening to look on the screen.


Kamal Haasan has proven his mettle by turning a director and doing the script for the movie. The flashbacks are interesting, and make the audiences watch the scenes intently. However, somewhere in the middle, the movie is slow-paced. Thus, it gives the impression of watching a documentary. Otherwise, the movie is excellent. Making negative analysis of the movie does not do justice to the movie’s quality.

What is there?

  • Music by Maestro Ilayaraja is once again outstanding and makes the audiences hum the numbers.
  • The background music is commendable.  
  • The bull-fight sequences prove as a seat-edge thriller.

What is not there?

  • The movie runs for three hours and is slow paced that it gives the feel of a documentary.
  • The climax has been rushed with haste, to an otherwise wonderful story.
  • Kamal Haasan is very fair among the dark villagers, which does not fit well into the story.


The movie is a visual treat for fans and does not let our spirits sag at any point.  

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