Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Tattoos have now become a mark of fashion on the body. People who have tattoos are considered to be more fashionable than others in the industry. It is like an attestation on the body proving that they are fashionable. This has become a trend in Sandalwood too. Many stars in Sandalwood have sported a tattoo on their bodies. Read on and check who they are.
1. Duniya Vijay
Vijay, who has earned the credit of getting a six-pack body into Sandalwood, has been latest in the fashion trend too. He has got a new tattoo which says “Avva Abhimani” which means “Mother and Fans”. This shows that he loves his fans as much as he loves his mother.
2. 'Ganesh'
This tattoo of Ganesh, is very special because unlike other normal tattoos, this tattoo depicts Ganesh’s mentality and is specially designed for him on request. This tattoo depicts peace and power which according to Ganesh is required for success.
3. Darshan Thoogudeep
In between all the controversies, Darshan has got a tattoo. It looks like a mask, but no explanation has been given for this particular tattoo, maybe it is just a design for passion. 
4. Trisha Krishnan
The multilingual actress Trisha, has sported a couple of tattoos in which the latest one is on her back which depicts a fused image of a clap and a video camera. It mostly tells the love she has towards the film industry. Other than this, she has a fish tattoo on her chest.
5. Ragini Dwivedi
Ragini is the most powerful actress after Malashri in the Sandalwood. She depicts braveness. This has been depicted in her tattoos too. She has got a snake tattoo on her front body which is seen in the picture. She also has sported a tattoo on her right hand.
6. 'Jaggesh'
One of the greatest comedian cum actor in the industry, Jaggesh, has got a tattoo done on his right arm which shows Guru Raghavendra Swamy. It is the vision of the God in which he believes in. This shows his devotion towards God.
7. 'Yash'
The famous Star Yash, has got a tattoo on his chest for one of his films. It is a tattoo with the face of the great Dr.Vishnuvardhan. He has been famous for every action of his; it might be on-screen or real life. He has shown a true fan characteristic by doing this.
8. Sanjjanaa Galrani
Looks like Sanjana wants to show all of them what she is through her tattoo. She got her fame from her controversial role in the movie “Ganda Hendathi”. She has tattooed “Never Give Up” near her right wrist. Maybe this is to depict her experience in life.
9. Dhruva Sarja
Being the nephew of the famous Action King Arjun Sarja, Dhruva has tattooed his left arm with “Soldier” which is showcased in his movie “Bharjari” paired opposite Rachita Ram.
10. 'Mayuri'
Mayuri is a newcomer to the industry. She first starred in the serial “Ashwini Nakshatra” as Ashwini and got an opportunity to act in movies. She has acted in “Krishna Rukmini” opposite Ajay. She has a tattoo on her right arm. It is a peacock feather which shows her devotion, love towards God Krishna.