Smoking Stars Of Sandalwood Kannada Article

Social evils are the most dangerous evils of the society. Smoking, as we all know, is one such evil. It thrills at the moment but kills later. It leaves a permanent effect if not realized soon. Some of the problems caused by smoking are acute and some maybe chronic. Our stars are leading in all the fields. Yes, even in this field. Most of the actors do smoke. Check out the list of some actors who smoke in reality.
Sudeep, one of the Super Stars of Film Industry, was a person who loved smoking. Even after knowing that smoking is injurious to health and catching cough, he hadn’t realized it. Only after he got a migraine problem, he decided to quit smoking. Now he has turned completely healthy; he quit smoking, drinking, and non-veg.
In his time, there were three people who were very famous for their style of smoking onscreen. They were Ambareesh, Shatrughan Sinha Shatrughan sinha is a well known name of the Hindi >> Read More... Shatrughan Sinha , and Rajinikanth. Even after the other to quitting smoking after knowing the bad effects of it, Ambareesh still hasn’t realized it. The two actors have requested him to quit smoking. Let’s hope for the best.
Anant Nag is not seen smoking most of the time. But he was caught a few times. There is not much information available about him smoking now but, we just hope he has quit smoking, and we can see more of him on the big screen.
The Crazy Star of Sandalwood, Ravichandran has smoked onscreen in many of his movies. He has not been caught in public many times. His upcoming movie “ Apoorva Click to look into! >> Read More... Apoorva ” is the most-awaited presently. The fans like to see more of him onscreen.
Upendra has smoked in a majority of his movies. It is his way of style. He even adds that it is injurious but still people don’t stop expecting. So this explains it all.
The posters of Shivraj Kumar’s films will clearly say that he smokes perfectly. But, realizing the effects of his actions, he promised that he will never smoke on-screen from that moment. Since many of his fans are youngsters, he realized how it could affect them. We hope he realizes that it is harmful to him and leaves it too.
Vijay has been caught smoking a few times in public. There is not much information about him smoking but, it is true that he has to quit smoking as soon as possible as he is still young and fans are awaiting for more films from him.
8. Darshan Thoogudeep
Darshan is seen smoking both in public and on-screen. Maybe, he still hasn’t cared to see the warning on the cigarette packet while he is busy smoking.
Kitty has no regrets smoking on-screen for his new film. He says that he is not a bad influence. Just because he smoked on-screen doesn’t mean that all youngsters will follow him. We just hope that he realizes his mistake as soon as possible and quit smoking.
10. 'Ayyappa'
Ayyappa is the new celebrity in the industry. His sister is the famous actress Prema. He recently appeared on the show Bigg Boss Season 3 and was seen smoking on the TV show.