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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Ashwini Nakshatra is a serial being telecast on ETV Kannada at 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. The life of a celebrity is an open book. This story is about a beautiful beautician, Ashwini, who belongs to a middle-class family with a background in the film industry.It is directed by Arur Jagadish.

The story unfurls its interest upon us as it shows the brightness of filmdom but also the prices that the star and his family has to pay. Ashwini’s marriage to JK, the superstar, brings all kinds of problems on herself. In spite of having everything necessary in life, she lives a lonely life and pays the price of being a star’s wife. But JK’s mother, Ashwini’s mother in law, is supportive of her. JK’s arrogant nature and his lifestyle do not suit Ashwini, yet she tries her best to balance her life. There are situations that take place which make Ashwini wonder.

As she is down to earth, Ashwini keeps her individuality and remains attached to her roots. She tries hard not to let the brightness of filmdom influence her because if she loses herself in there, then getting back would be impossible. This story shows Ashwini’s struggle. As Ashwini adjusts herself to her new surrounding, she faces problems caused by Aayi. Aayi creates problems in Ashwini’s and JK’s lives. She taunts Ashwini at every move she makes, but Ashwini stands strong and does not break in front of Aayi. She quietly takes all the insults thrown at her by Aayi, even though she’s aware that JK will not let Ashwini be insulted at any cost. Ashwini has doubt that Aayi knows a secret about JK’s father, whom he considers his ideal hero in real life.

As JK loves his father a lot, he will not accept anything bad about him and will be hurt if he is told that his father is a cheat. Ashwini is aware of this fact and hence wants to clear these issues without JK’s knowledge. In the meantime, someone tries to create misunderstandings between JK and Ashwini by sending him some photos of Ashwini with Vikram. But Ashwini is lucky in this case because JK trusts her completely and does not give much importance to the photos but instead warns Ashwini to be careful in the future because his enemies can target her as well. Further episodes of this serial will reveal some old secrets.



Vijay Suriya Kannada Model
DOB: 7 September 1990
Vijay Suriya
Umashree Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 10 May 1957
B C Patil Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 14 November 1956
B C Patil
Faisal Saif Kannada Director
DOB: 27 April 1976
Faisal Saif