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Krishna Rukmini Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
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Krishna Rukmini is a drama series which got aired on the channel Suvarna TV. It is a Kannada language show which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday in the time slot of 7:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens on 2nd May 2011. The series presents to us a love story between two people Krishna and Rukmini who get together for all possible wrong reasons. Their relationship got based on helplessness and longing instead of trust and companionship. What follows is a rocky journey as they both try to make things work and understand each other in the process.

The series got directed by the acclaimed director Ravi Garani. He is an extremely well-known in the Kannada television industry. He has made some very popular series in the past including the likes of Kathe, Kavyanjali, and Kasturi. He is best remembered for his presentation of gripping family entertainers along with a well-packed narration. Krishna Rukmini has gotten shot extensively in and around the majestic city of Mysore. It presents Mandya dialect as an integral piece of the tale and hence features prominently throughout the same. The show also boasts of being the first ever Kannada serial which has gotten shot in the interiors of trains this extensively. The crux of the story revolves around the lead pair of Krishna and Rukmini. Krishna is a young man who doesn’t get what exactly love means.

He, however, gets fuelled by a desire to get whatever he takes a liking to. Rukmini is a kind, gentle and demure girl. She falls into a helpless scenario where the only hope of saving herself as well as her family is by agreeing to Krishna’s demands. These two characters are absolute opposites of one another. On the one hand, we see a poorly educated brat who starts to fall madly in love. While on the other hand we have a simple and well-educated woman who has nowhere to go. The lead pair got portrayed on screen by the duo of M. N. Lakshmi Devi and Sunil Nagappa. Their roles and performances have gotten appreciated by audience members a lot. Supporting them both is a stellar cast which boasts of many renowned names from the Kannada television industry. These include the likes of Anjana, Shobitha, Rekha Kumar, Badekkila Pradeep Badekkila Pradeep is a famous Television personali >> Read More... , Umesh, Prakash Urs, Gopinath Bhat, Vishal Raghu, Chandrakala Mohan Chandrakala Mohan is a South Indian actress who wo >> Read More... , Sahana, Khushi, Gireesh Jatti, Satya, Madhu, Soori Sarga, Sameer, and Mallesh.


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