V Nagendra Prasad is a lyricist, music director, director and an actor in the Kannada film industry. He was born on 3rd December 1975 to ‘MV Venkata Ramanappa’ and ‘Chandramma’ in Nagamangala, Karnataka. Prasad completed his schooling in Bangalore. Being passionate about literature, he chose Kannada literature in his under graduation course. To pursue his post graduation, he moved to Mysore. Nagendra is interested in writing poems from his young age. His career in cinema started as a lyric writer in 2000. His first film is “Gajina Mane”, directed by ‘KV Jayaram’. “Hamsalekha” composed the tunes for the lyrics of Nagendra. He developed his knowledge in cinema gradually. Prasad has penned the lyrics for more than thousand songs.

His lyrics were carried out by 400 movies. As he assisted ‘Hamsalekha’, Nagendra developed his interest in the music field too. He had composed the music for “Ambi” featuring “Aditya,” “Shobaraj,” “Manya,” “Bullet Prakash” and for “Shishya” starring ‘Deepak’, ‘Rangayana Raghu’, ‘Chaitra’, ‘Padma Vasanthi’ and ‘Pramila Joshi’. Both these films released in the year 2006. Nagendra has been strict in writing the lyrics. He has not penned lyrics for any remake movies with the same tunes in the original version. He always wants to give a fresh feel to the films with fresh tunes. Most of his songs come with life values such as patriotism, democracy, peace, love and secularism. Besides penning the lyrics and composing music, he had proved himself as a dramatist, dialogue writer and a director.

Nagendra had the experience of directing and acting in stage plays and street plays. He had also played the supporting roles in films like “Romeo Juliet” in 2002, “Heart Beats” in 2003 and “Dharma” in 2004. He has been gearing up to play the lead role in “Guruji.” The film is supposed to be bilingual in Kannada and Tamil. It is in the pre-production stage. Prasad has penned the dialogues for more than twenty Kannada films and two mega serials in Kannada. Prasad directed the films such as “Nalla” featuring “Sudeep,” “Sangeetha”, “Tara” and “Srinath” in 2004. In 2006, he directed and composed music for “Ambi”. In 2009, Prasad directed “Meghave Meghave” with ‘Sudeep’, ‘Gracy Singh’ and ‘Shobaraj’. In 2011, he directed a film titled “Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga” with ‘Vijay Raghavendra’ in the lead.

Naveen Krishna’, ‘Rangayana Raghu’ and ‘Meghana Gaonkar’ were also in the cast. Prasad had won the Karnataka State Awards for the Best Lyricist in 201o for the film “Sathya” for the song- “Akshara Akshara Eradakshara” and in 2015 for “Muddu Manase” for the song- “Edeyal yaro Ghazal”. He has also won the Filmfare Award for the Best Lyricist in 2015 in the 62nd Filmfare Awards South for the film, “Ambareesha.” The song –“Kannalli” in “Ambareesha” made him win the award. Besides this, Prasad has been taking classes for the students, who learn Film Direction. He is a guest lecturer in ‘Srushti Film Institute’, ‘Vijaya Film Institute’ and ‘Adarsha Film Institute’.