Rangayana Raghu was born on 30th November, 1963. He acts in Kannada film industry and his genre is comedy. Till date he has appeared over 100 films and most of them have been comic roles.

He began his career in theatre group by name Rangayana in Mysore, way back in 1988.  His initial salary was just Rs 800 per month. He was supposed to make his debut with 1995 film Suggi, which was directed by award winning director Hamsalekha. Unfortunately, Suggi was shelved and never released.

His first major release was 2002 film Dhumm, starring Kiccha Sudeep and Rakshita directed by M.S. Ramesh. He went to act in films like Ranga SSLC, Rakshasa, and many more. However his best films till date are 2007 film Duniya and 2013 film Director's Special.

Duniya showcased Raghu at his best. Overall Duniya bagged 4 Karnataka State Film awards in 2007, including Best Supporting Actor for Rangayana Raghu. Director’s Special is a Kannada satire comedy film, written and directed by Guruprasad. Along with debutant Dhananjay, Rangayana Raghu essays the role of lead Panche Shastry / Ramachandra. This movie really showed Rangayana Raghu’s theatrical background and what he can do in a film with his power packed performance which was a mix of comedy and sarcasm.

Tabla Nani

He is a very famous Indian actor. Tabla Nani is working in both Indian theater and Kannada film industry. He got his first break in the year 2006 for a Kannada movie Mata. Though he was not the lead actor in the movie he played a great role as the supporting actor. The movie released in the year 2009 became the most critical point in the career of Tabla Nani, named Eddelu Manjunatha. His role and acting in this film brought him fame, popularity, and public appraisal. His career is short as he has started performing in the year 2006 only. But even in this short period, he achieved critical appraisal and got famous in the public as well as the Kannada Film Industry. Tamil Nani’s other movies like Rambo and Akka Pakkawas also a blockbuster, which leads the way to his successful career as an actor. Rambo released in the year 2012. Before entering the world of Kannada film industry, he worked as a theater actor. After beginning his rising career as a movie actor, Table Nani did some films out of which few are Hudugaru in the year 2011, Maduve Mane got released in 2011, Addhuri in the year 2012, Victory in the year 2013 and many more such movies. In his short career of 10 years, he completed almost 28 movies. In the year 2015, five films released in which Tabla Nani was the star cast. These five movies are Khaidi, Endendigu, Mrugashira, Pataragitti, and Bullet Basya. The list of achievements by Tabla Nani is also praised worthy. He was nominated for the South Indian International Movie Awards in 2012 for the role of Best Comedian in the movie Rambo. He received the Suvarna Film Awards in the year 2009 for Best Supporting Actor in the film Eddelu Manjunatha, and in the year 2012 for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Rambo.

Tabla Nani Kannada Actor