B. S. Naveen Krishna is an Indian movie director, writer, lyricist and actor. His work is dominant in Kannada film industry. He is known for Ouija: Game Never Ends (2015), Bidalare Endu Ninna (2013) and Haggada Kone: End of the Rope (2014). In 2010, he made his debut with the movie named Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu is a Kannada television se >> Read More... Shrirasthu Shubhamasthu . Earlier, he had worked as a child actor in Kannada cinema. He was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India to Pushpa and Srinivasa Murthy Jadalathimmanahalli Krishnappa Srinivasa Murthy Ak >> Read More... Srinivasa Murthy . His father, Jadalathimmanahalli Krishnappa Srinivasa Murthy, is a famous television director and actor. He has three siblings.

Nitil Krishna Nitil Krishna is a Kannada movie actor. His father >> Read More... Nitil Krishna , his brother, is also a movie star. He believes in numerology and hence on the suggestion of numerologist, changed his name twice to try his luck in the career he has chosen for himself. He converted his name to Akshay Krishna and later to S. S. Krishna. He accepted his real name anyway after not seeing any change in his fate and career. He has done many roles but mostly as a supporting actor. In 2003, he acted in Hudugigagi and Bala Shiva Story soon >> Read More... Bala Shiva . In 2004, he did Kadamba. In 2005, Krishna appeared in Nenapirali.

In 2006, he did Good Luck Click to look into! >> Read More... Good Luck , Autograph Please, and Geeya Geeya. In the latter, he had changed his name to Akshay Krishna and thus it is a credit to it. In 2007, he did Amrutha Vaani (also credited as Akshay Krishna).In 2008, he did Dheemaku and did the role of Bala Muralikrishna. In 2010, he was part of Shambho Shankara and Naariya Seere Kadda. In 2011, he appeared in Yogaraj Bhatt, 5 Idiots (2011) (as Sunny) and Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga. In Yograj Bhat, he played Yogaraj. In 2012, he did Rambo in which he came as a guest star.

In 2013, he made an appearance in Bidalare Endu Ninna as Loki. In 2014, he did Crazy Star, Tirupathi Express, Nenapideya and Gharshane. In 2015, he appeared in Lodde, Ouija, and Vamshodharaka. In 2018, he will be seen acting in Namaste Bangalore, Lakshmi Bar and 365. He will also produce 365 making him debut in the production. He will debut in direction with Lakshmi Bar which will release in 2018. He sang for the films like Neneyuve Ninna (2011), Shri Harikathe (2010), and Dheemaku (2008). He sang Ringa Ringa in 5 Idiots (2011). He has penned down songs for Shri Harikathe and Dheemaku. As a child artist, he has done films such as Parajitha (1982) and Mathru Devo Bhava (1988).