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Geethapriya Kannada Director
Born: 15 June 1931

Lived For 84 Years

Geethapriya - (Director)

Kushi Achar Kannada Actress
Born: 15 June 1993

Age Now 31

Kushi Achar - (Actress)

Aswathi Balan Kannada Actress
Born: 15 June 1996

Age Now 28

Aswathi Balan - (Actress)

Picchalli Srinivas Kannada Singer
Born: 15 June 1963

Age Now 61

Picchalli Srinivas - (Singer)


Dayal Padmanabhan Kannada Director
Born: 14 June 1970

Age Now 54

Dayal Padmanabhan - (Director)

V. Madhusudhan Rao Kannada Director
Born: 14 June 1923

Lived For 88 Years

V. Madhusudhan Rao - (Director)


A Dialogue Is A Verbal Conversation Between Two Or More People

A Dialogue Is A Verbal Conversation Between Two Or More People. When In Writing, A Dialogue Is A Way Of Showing A Story Instead Of Explaining One Through Writing.

Through A Dialogue, The Writer Allows The Reader To Know The Characters First Hand And Interpret The Characteristics And Story Themselves.Dialogue Writing Exposes The Traits Of The Character, Emotions, Internal Motives At The Same Time It Establishes The Relationship Between The People. Dialogue-Writing Also Shows The Actions Taking Place Without Boring The Reader With A Lot Of Explanations. It Gives Meaning To The Story, Characters Etc. It Should Not Have Any Grammatical Error,It Should Directly Connect To The Audience, It Should Be Written In A Way That It Will Be Remembered For Years To Come.

Their Are Many Popular Kannada Dialogue Writer Who Writes Dialogue For Movies And Give Meaning To Their Characters And Story. You Should Have A Purpose For Every Single Dialogue, A Logical One. It Might As Well Have An Objective Implication.