Tamil Awards 58th Filmfare Awards South

58th Filmfare Awards South Tamil AWARDS on YouTube Channel

Filmfare awards have always been associated with honoring art and artists of the highest caliber and keeping the award ceremony unbiased. Introduced in 1954, Filmfare awards were initially launched to recognize the art in the Hindi belt of the country as it was this region that was predominantly occupied with making films and laid the foundation of cinema in the country. Soon other regions of the country started making films that were in par with international standards and Filmfare awards, owned by The Times Group had to introduce a new Filmfare Awards for the non-Hindi films. And thus in 1964 came Filmfare Awards South into the picture.

Initially, the awards were occupied with only Tamil and Telugu but slowly many other states started making films and had to be taken under the same tree. So slowly Filmfare Awards South covered the whole South Indian region including movies from Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam among others. Unlike Filmfare Awards, the south counterpart of the awards is held in a unique manner having completely separate nominations for all languages. So instead of having the best picture as a single category, it has been divided into five or six Best Picture awards, awarding the films concerning their region. And like that every category is divided into regions that recognize the artists concerning their mother tongue. This aspect of the awards makes it the first award in the whole world to have so many similar titled awards to respect artists of all the regions of this country.

 The 58th Filmfare Award South was telecasted in the same fashion as its predecessors. It was held in Hyderabad on 2 July 2011 awarding the films and artists of the year 2010. The award was hosted by Arya and Lekha Washington. The award was a huge success garnering attention from all over the country with its choice of winners. The award for best film was given to the following titles; Pranchiyettan & the saint (Malayalam), Mynaa (Tamil), Jackie (Kannada), and Vedam (Telugu). The award for the best actor was given in the following fashion; to Shiva Rajkumar for Thamassu(Kannada), to Manmooty for Pranchiyettan & the saint(Malayalam), to Vikram for Raavanan(Tamil) and Allu Arjun for Vedam(Telugu). The actresses were also awarded for their towering performances. The following actresses won for their incredible performance; Radhika Pandit for Krishnan love story (Kannada), Mamta Mohandas for Kadha Thudarunnu (Malayalam), Anjali for Angadi Theru (Tamil) and to Anushka Shetty for Vedam (Telugu). The film that had the highest number of awards to its credit was Vedam (4 awards; Telugu) and the film with the most nomination was Jackie (9 nominations; Kannada).