Malayalam Tv Serial Vadhu

Vadhu Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Vadhu is a new entrant in the daily drama soap family in Malayalam Language. Vadhu is being aired on one of the leading and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Surya TV. The show Vadhu, is a newly started family drama show which was launched recently on March 3, 2014 on Surya TVs on weekday’s prime time slot.  Vadhu is currently being aired from Monday through Friday from 9:30 pm onwards. Famous Malayalam TV serial actress Rasna is being seen playing the lead role of Vadhu. Vadhu is purely a family drama which revolves around a girl named Gauri (role essayed by popular actress Rasna), who belongs from a traditional conservative Malayali family and eventually gets married into a strict traditional family at a relatively young age. The rest of the plot of the story revolves around Gauri’s (played by actress) Rasna struggle to fit into her new family and win the love, support and affection of her family members, specially her mother in law. And the struggles, happiness, ups and downs which Gauri had to face in her way constitutes the story. In between all these, the budding romance between Gauri and her husband is also portrayed beautifully. Vadhu has gained immense popularity among the viewers in a short period of time within months due to strong storyline, representation of the facts and the brilliant and attractive acting performances by the lead actors of Vadhu.

Another Version Of The Story

Vadhu is a Surya TV serial directed by SS Lal and produced by Harikrishnan. The cinematography is by Vimal Krishna and the makeup is by Murukan Kundara. The serial has the star cast of “Praveena,” “Rasna,” Kishore Peethambaran, Sajan Surya, Actress Neethu, “Amritha,” Jayan Cherthala, Karthika Kannan, TS Raju, “Althara,” Anoop Sivasenan, Sumi Santhosh and many others. After some months of the telecast, Neethu replaced Rasna.

Devarajan is a wealthy person in the city. He has three children, 2 sons and a daughter and all are married. Chandran is the elder one and is married to Hema and they settled abroad. Devarajan lends money to Krishnan Unni. As he didn’t return the money, Devarajan orders Krishnan Unni to get his daughter Gauri married to him. Although Krishnan and Bhanumathi didn’t agree to this, Gauri has no way to solve the problem faced by her parents and agrees to get married to the older man. Devarajan’s elder son Chandran comes to India with his wife to attend his father’s wedding. On her arrival, Hema comes to know that Gauri is her daughter. Hema was in love with Alex and even before her marriage, she gives birth to Gauri. Alex, who went somewhere for a job, didn’t return. So, Hema’s parents and her friend Susan pressurize her and send the child to a pastor. Later, the child was adopted by Krishnan Unni and Bhanumathi. Hema confesses the truth to Chandran and decides to get out of the house. But, Chandran is a gem of a person and accepts Hema and loves her as ever.

After knowing Hema is Gauri’s mother, Krishnan Unni and Bhanumathi feared that she might separate their daughter from them and committed suicide. Automatically, Hema gets her daughter and later, she reveals the truth to her. Gauri is in love with her professor, Akhil. Hema and Chandran get her married to Akhil and went abroad again. Gauri had to face a lot of issues in her parents-in-law’s house. Sandra, her college enemy, enters in as her competitor. Both of them get pregnant. At one point, they come to know that Akhil has a twin brother. Who is Sandra’s husband and who is Gauri’s husband? The rest of the serial deals with this.

Praveena plays Hema, mother of Gauri. Rasna played Gauri and Neethu replaced her. Amritha plays Sandra. Sajan Surya plays Akhil. Kishore plays Hema’s husband Chandran and Indulekha plays Hema’s friend Susan.