Karthika Kannan Malayalam Actress
Other Skills

Karthika Kannan is a popular serial artist, who could do all the roles flawlessly. She is a Malayalam serial artist, who has acted in lots of serials. Most of the roles done by her are negative roles, and she is criticized positively by the viewers for her natural performance. Karthika is very much popular for her roles in Devi mahatmyam, Vadhu, Amma, Amala and much more. In the serial, , she has performed as the villainy sister in law of the queen, which is portrayed by Kanya Bharathi Kanya Bharathi or popularly known as Kanya is a po >> Read More... Kanya Bharathi . She has also acted in a Tamil serial called Maharani, which was a remake of the Malayalam serial, Ente Manasa Puthri. In this serial, she had two different performances, as she was depicted as a negative character in the beginning, then as a good one. Karthika Kannan showed all her talents in acting through the serials. She is also very much popular among the Malayalam audiences through her cookery show. She is an expert in cooking and appears in the cookery shows in Malayalam channels, frequently. Through her cooking shows, she has supplied various delicious recipes to the audience. There is a special set of fans to watch her cookery show in Asianet. Karthika Kannan is married and has a daughter named Nirupama.