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Shaju  Malayalam Actor

Dr. Shaju Sham is popular among the Malayalee audience through his break-up role in ' Jwalayayi ‘Jwalayayi’ was telecast in Kerala Doordarshan and >> Read More... ', a mega TV Serial, which was aired on Doordarshan. 'Jwalayayi' which was produced by film actor Mammootty, and directed by Vayalar Madhavankutty, is the first breakthrough for Dr. Shaju in the cine field. ' Minnukettu ‘Minnukettu’ was a family drama in Malayalam that >> Read More... ,' from Surya TV, gave Dr. Shaju one of his best role in serials, that always gets remembered. Shaju was popular among his college friends by doing amateur dramas and mimics during college fests.

He also got the best actor award in College for all the academic years, which, in other words, is for five consecutive years. His popularity among friends gave him a chance to act in his debut serial, 'Inakam Pinakam' by K. Saji. The next notable piece of work by Dr. Shaju after his debut was with the TV Serial, 'Mohanam', directed by Bhasheer. It was the Project Executive of Mohanam. Sanal Vellani introduced Dr. Shaju to Vayalar Madhavankutty to cast him off to his magnum opus, 'Jwalayayi' later.

Shaju was among the winners of the Asianet Television Awards 2012. Some of his famous serials that aired on TV are Jwalayayi, Sthreejanmam, Angadipattu, Devaragam, Minnaram, Minnukettu and Padasaram. “Lasagu Usaga,” directed by Kichu Jose, is the upcoming Malayalam film of Dr. Shaju that is expected to release soon. Dr. Shaju said in an interview that all of his family member's are supporting him in his acting career, even though he is a medical practitioner. Shaju got married to Dr. Asha, and they have one kid named Ivana.