T S Raju is the Malayalam actor who is popular for his villainy and character roles in serials and films. Though he was popular in his serials, his villain role in the serial DeviMahatmyam was discussed by the people. This is the serial about the evils that try to destroy the Goddess. Raju acted as villainy foster. The serial was cast by Praveena, as the mother goddess. Sona Nair Sona Nair is a cine actress working mainly in Mala >> Read More... Sona Nair , Dr. Sharmila, K.R. Vijaya and many other popular people were in the cast. The eyes of T S Raju express the extreme of cruelty and that makes people feel him as a real villain. He has also acted in Harichandanam, Kumkumapoovu, Vadhu and many more serials. In Vadhu, he tries to marry a young girl, who is at the age of his granddaughter. He has tried almost all the villainy roles and got a place in the heart of the Malayalam audience. Basically, he was a stage actor and has played important roles in the stage plays. He is talented in inserting humor in his villain roles. He is against the vulgar comedy and prefers a neat comedy role. He continued his career for 50 years. He was in the amateur acting troupes and then gradually developed his career and strongly landed in Malayalam film and serial industry. Raju has done almost all the characters and he has got the award for his villainy role for acting in DeviMahatmyam. He has been in the Malayalam films from the year 1997.