Hindi Tv Serial Suraag - The Clue

Suraag - The Clue Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Suraag – The Clue was a popular detective crime series that was telecasted during the 1990s. This series was shown on DD National. And, it was played only during Mondays from 10 to 11 pm Indian Timings. ‘Shri Adhikari Brothers Limited’ is the company which produced this series. The director role for this series was taken up by ‘GautamAdhikari’. The series’ title track is a remix version of a song from an album from 1972. The album is ‘Machine Head’ and the song that was adopted is ‘Smoke on the Water’.

The meaning of ‘Suraag’ is ‘clue’. In this series, Sudesh Berry the popular film actor took the role of a CID inspector. He took up the character name, ‘Bharat’. The Suraag- The Clue plot, Bharat along with his assistant would form a partnership for the purpose of solving crimes. His assistant was Nitin Srivastava. Mostly, the crimes handled were murder mysteries. A specialty about this series was that sorting out the mystery of one crime would be shown in a single episode, which means the following episode would involve solving of a fresh case. This particular factor held the viewers all over the country.

Once the Suraag – The Clue ended its telecast on the television, and an unofficial extension of the series was telecasted. The name of this series was ‘CID Officer’. This series also telecasted in DD National within the same schedules. The same crew members who appeared in Suraag were found casting in this new series also.

Suraag – The Clue also went into Marathi translation. It was telecasted by the name, ‘Shodh’ on a Marathi Channel.The Suraag – The Clue cast is highly sought after in the serial network and their details can be found on the sidebar.