Ashok Banthia

Other names of Ashok Banthia: Ashok Bathia, Ashok Bhatia

Ashok Banthia was born in the beautiful city of Udaipur in the colorful state of Rajasthan. He had always seen himself working in the field of acting and, therefore, had prepared himself from the very start. He took a lot of training and education in this arena and came out to be a very powerful personality.

Ashok, at first, did a Diploma in the field of theater and dramatics from Chandigarh’s Punjab University. He then came down to Delhi and did a course from the very prestigious college of Dramatics named National School of Drama. He had gained a lot of confidence in himself and his talents by now. After this, he went out of India to pursue his training further and enrolled himself in a course for direction in a prestigious institute in Sydney named National Institute of Dramatics Arts.

Ashok went on to work with some famous names not just in India but also outside of it. He played Nawab Pataudi Senior, an Indian Cricketer for Kennedy Miller in the serial Bodyline and did his role with full conviction and zeal. He also made an appearance in an English Movie, which was directed by Peter Morhan, and the name of this critically acclaimed film is The Peacock Spring. He didn't just confine himself to English Cinema and explored himself by expanding his reigns to French Cinema too. Ashok worked in a film named Indian Orchid, which was made by the French Cinema industry.

Ashok was seen in various famous movies in the Hindi film industry including Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, which later went on to become a cult movie, Khoobsoorat, etc. He did not restrain from working in various theatrical pieces and also in several Hindi Television shows including the very famous Balika Vadhu that airs in Colors channel and also in Mahadev etc.
Ashok feels that the youth of India should watch all kinds of good movies irrespective of the star cast.

Ashok Beniwal Hindi Actor

Ashok Beniwal

Ashok Beniwal is an actor. He started his career with the movie ‘DIL HAI TUMHARA’ in 2002. He is from India, and exact birth date and age of Ashok Beniwal is unknown. He is predicted to be a serious and a hardworking actor of Bollywood as he always gets the serious roles like a Jailer, Inspector, Police officer, IPS officer, etc. Ashok Beniwal has done 28 movies in his Bollywood career till date (2002-present) and is expected to be seen in future movies as well, as he is found on raising scale. He played many different roles in different movies like as a jailer in ‘Qayamat’ (2003), as Ashok Bose in ‘Kyon?’ (2003), as a doctor in ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha’ (2004), as K. Prasad in ‘Apaharan’ (2005), as Bank manager in ‘Swami’ (2007), as Sonu Seth in ‘Striker’ (2010) and many more to count off. But he was highly appreciated for his movie “BILLA 2” which released in 2012 in which he played the role of inspector. After that, he was seen with roles in many movies like in Zila Ghaziabad in 2013 playing the role of IG, in Zindagi 50-50(2013) as producer, in Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013) as schoolmaster, in Desi kattey (2014) as police officer, in Hate Story 2(2014), in Barkhaa (2015) and was recently seen in Drishyam (released on 31st July, 2015) as IPS Officer, which got the rating of 8.8/10. Since Ashok Beniwal was never in the main role, he is not very famous, and that is why there is not much information about him and his personal life but by watching his acting in his movies, he is considered as a hardworking actor and is expected to be seen in future hits.


Ashok Kumar - Old

One would be at a loss, wondering where to start when writing about a film legend like Ashok Kumar. After all, he is considered to be one of Indian film industry’s greatest actors, who has performed as the romantic hero, antagonist as well as in various other shades of character roles with equal aplomb. Ashok Kumar really was witness to a very important evolutionary phase of the Indian film industry, and has spread across generations his genius as an actor. From very unpretentious beginnings, having been born as Kumudlal Ganguly in a Bengali family living outside Bengal, he seemed destined to take up a legal profession, having completed his law course from the prestigious Presidency College of Kolkata. But his heart was in the world of cinema, but strangely he did not want to be an actor, but thought of becoming a technician. He probably got interested in this line after hearing about film making techniques from his brother in law Sashadhar Mukherjee, who at that time was one of the big shots of the then famous production house, Bombay Talkies. It is he who made it possible for young Kumud to start working there as a laboratory assistant from the mid 1930s. Strangely, Kumud moved into acting purely as a coincidence. He was literally catapulted into the under production 1936 movie “Jeevan Naiya” which ran into trouble due to the elopement of the lead actor with the leading lady, Devika Rani, who also was the wife of Himanshu Rai, the director. More out of spite than any acting traits, Rai put Kumud in the lead role, re-christening him Ashok Kumar. The rest, as they say is history, with Ashok Kumar starring in a series of 10 films with leading lady Devika Rani for the remaining of the 1930s decade, with almost all of them becoming remarkable hits, making this screen pair one of the most popular ones of all times. Besides “Jeevan Naiya”, the more famous ones where they appeared were “Achhut Kanya” which immediately followed their first film and “Nirmala” in 1938. Moving out of the Devika Rani shadow, Ashok Kumar established his own credentials in subsequent movies like “Bandhan” and “Azad” both in 1940, starring with Leela Chitnis another leading lady of those days. But it was the 1943 movie “Kismet” which really broke all records at the box office, achieving the distinction of becoming the first Hindi movie to gross 1 crore. Ashok Kumar had established himself not only as most bankable leading actor of the period, but also through his “anti-hero” role in the film, demonstrated his versatility as an actor. The 1950s era, however, saw Ashok Kumar moving mostly into mature character roles, leaving the romantic hero’s slot to the trio of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. Passing into the 1960s, he continued playing roles matching his age, shuttling between the roles of a judge in “Kanoon”, a freedom fighter in “Bandini” and that of a vicious zamindar in “Jawaab”. The notable films of his later years were the period film “Pakeezah” in 1972; the Manoj Kumar movie “Purab Aur Paschim” in 1970; the family comedy “Khoobsoorat” in 1980 and the adult comedy “Shaukeen” in 1982. Interestingly, like his younger brother Kishore Kumar, he too had started as a singing star, but gave up after a few films. Besides being the eldest of the Ganguly clan, he was widely regarded and loved in the industry for his amiable manners and humility, being referred to as Dadamoni (loving elder brother in Bengali). With his death in 2001, the industry really lost one of its steady stars who had spanned it for over 60 years.

Ashok Kumar - Old Hindi Actor