Shashi Sharma

Other names of Shashi Sharma: Shahi Sharma
Shashi Sharma Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 30-11-1958
  • Age : 62
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Shashi Sharma is a hugely popular, 56-year-old television actress as well as movie actress who has some exceptional movies to her credit. She is originally from Delhi. She has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, and she is equally respected for her performances. She is hugely popular in the roles of that of a lead, Supporting Artist, Character Artist or Villain. She started her career with Zinda Laash in 1986. She has worked with some prominent actors over the course of her career. She currently plays the role of Chitrakala Birla or Dadi, who has a strong influence of the protagonist of the show, who happens to be her grandson. As Chitrakala Birla, the head of a matriarchal family with overbearing responsibilities and important decisions that rest on her shoulders, she makes the audience fall in love with her and respect her in awe.

Although it was difficult to convince the audience the rigid ideologies of the character, she says she as honest and put herself in the situations that Chitrakala Birla goes through, which is want to be made the audience accept Chitrakala Birla. Shashi Sharma says she enjoys cooking for her family when she is not shooting or busy with her work commitments. Cooking she says takes her mind off things, and it is also the perfect way to relax and unwind according to her. The time line of movies are as follows; She started her career with Zinda Laash (1986) and in Taarazu (1997), played the role of Shankutala. After which she starred in Kaala Samrajya (1999) and Baadshah (1999), as a C.B.I officer she does an exemplary job. In Kroodh (2000) Sunil Shetty's elder sister she guides me as well as inspires him.

She also starred in Bhaagi (2000), Lajja (2001) and Indian Babu (2003). In Excuse me (2003), she plays the Janakpur Ki Maharani and in Jai Santhosi Ma(2006), Shanthi. In 26th July at Barista (2008), she plays the strong role of Shivam's mother. In Udaan (2010) she is Rathod's Girlfriend and in Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya (2014) she plays Jamuna.